As an artist, I am very incomplete, says Shah Rukh

Shah Rukh Khan admits he has never felt complete as an actor and that's what has kept him going for almost three decades in the industry. The 53-year-old actor says, rather than looking for the end result, he believes in quietly celebrating milestones.

“I have never felt complete. As an artist, I am very incomplete and I know that. If I am not, then I would not like to work. If I am complete then why would I wake up in the morning and work hard and still try to do something?," Shah Rukh said in a group interview.

"I always think, within the commercial cinema set-up that I am working in, how can I bring in something new, as an actor, as a producer, in whatever capacity I can. I am not complete at all, I am very restless. If you think you are complete, then you are boring, over and done with!"

The issue with looking at things in life as a finish line, according to Shah Rukh, is what does one do when they cross it.

“So, I don't think of things as completing. As an old saying goes… the journey is important. If I cross anything, which I think is a good achievement then I don't think of it as an end-line, I think of it as a milestone.”

Shah Rukh says the films that he is currently doing, he is loving them as he isn't looking for an end result in the projects.

“After 25 years of working, I have realised that the only reason you should be working is for the happiness of your heart,” he says. His upcoming film Zero, directed by Aanand L Rai, aims to celebrate the incompleteness of people.