Letters To The Editor

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. – Plato

Gas load shedding on the rise

Just last month The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet approved a proposal to not subject gas consumers to any loadshedding during winter this year. Yet, as Karachi gets its first spells of winter, the city is already undergoing major crisis. Gas load shedding is prevalent in many commercial and residential areas, which is adversely affecting many business and disrupting everyday lives of the citizens. Every year the government resolves to put an end to the crisis before winters start, but it seems even the new government failed to fulfil a constantly-broken promise.

Mira Shan,

Begging – a profession in the third world?

In every street, public parking or road side that you head to, you are bound to find beggars. I understand that they beg to fill their bellies and feed their families but, according to our religion, begging is forbidden and one needs to work for himself. Only in the most extreme of circumstance should you consider begging, says Islam. Sadly, it has become a profession. We must stop these people from begging and instead help them get some sort of work or job. There is only one way to stop this – it is harsh but I believe the only way we can overcome this menace – stop giving these people money.

Rina Hassan,

Rampancy of drug abuse

Use of drugs in Balochistan has heightened to an increasingly alarming rate. Teenagers are spotted having drugs twice a day while they are at school. Sadly, the drug users are also destroying the environment. This is not only destroying our present youth, but this menace will also make a negative impact on our future generations. The Balochistan chief minister should take measures to eliminate drugs in the province on a war footing.

Javid Saleem,

Make winter break productive

As a teacher, I find it upsetting how students usually spend their winter break scrolling down social media or by merely wasting time texting. Most students use the last few days to complete their school homework or projects so the rest of the holidays are spent on trivial activities. As an educator, I understand the importance of relaxation but parents must also ensure that their children take part in extracurricular activities or take up a new hobby during these holidays. This will not only help students learn a new skill but it will also enable them to secure better jobs in future. The first step towards improvement would be to set a proper routine for your child. If your kids are old enough, they can set up a timetable for themselves. This will ensure that their time is spent productively.

Sanam Khwajah,