Parey Hut Love

An eye-witness account of the wrap-up party

While walking through the dark entrance of an otherwise heavily-lit building, I was in for a surprise. The venue [a colonial construction behind Frere Hall] was decked up to perfection with wafting fragrance from glass candles and white flowers adorning the rich decor. The stage was set in an all-white palette with hints of gold playing hide and seek.

The hectic efforts were made as the cast and team of Parey Hut Love got together to celebrate the film’s wrap up at the same venue where the last spell of the shooting was picturised.

The wrap-up party started on an entertaining note with the star couples appearing in the floral-flower-encrusted balcony, waving at the attendees with music playing in the background, making it look like the happy ending of a fairytale.

Parey Hut Love is the directorial venture of Asim Raza and boasts of a glamorous, but rather a not -so-experienced star cast with names like Sheheryar Munawar [also the producer], Maya, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zara Noor Abbas, Rachel Veccaji, and Parishae James. Sheheryar and Maya Ali make the lead pair whereas Ahmed and Zara are paired opposite each other.

The film is planned to be released on the eve of Eidul Azha. Responding to a query regarding its release, director Asim Raza said, “Every film has its own genre and feels that decide the release date or occasion for any film.”

“I would take the liberty to clear that our first feature film, Ho Mann Jahan, was a non-Eid release. The content of Parey Hut Love just makes it fit it to be an Eid release as it is the only occasion that can celebrate such films,” remarked Raza while answering the question as to why it has become a norm in Pakistani that big films are only released around Eid.

Zara Noor Abbas is a fresh face in the industry and the film is the first in her kitty. Why she agreed to give Parey Hut Love a nod? “You cannot say ‘No’ when Abbu calls,” she said while referring to Asim Raza.

Female Celebrity of the Year, Mahira Khan had to let go of the lead role opposite Sheheryar because of date issues. “I am very lucky to have Maya on my side who understood my situation and accepted the role very happily,” quipped Raza, adding, “The role was altogether different when it was written for Mahira. We had to do necessary alterations in the role when Maya jumped the bandwagon.”

So, does Mahira have any regrets? Answering this, the gracious lady said, “Whenever Asim makes a film, I consider it as mine. I have seen the rushes of the film and believe me, the way Maya has done it, nobody could have done a better job than her.”

As for Maya, the Teefa In Trouble star also had something to reveal about her character. “When I read the script I knew that I would be in for a different character than what I had appeared in Teefa In Trouble. This time, my character has a lot of variations. It is the role of a girl who is strong, but in a different way than Anya,” shared Maya.

Last, but definitely not the least, Sheheryar Munawar, who also kicked off the Q&A session was flabbergasted by the warm response from the media and bloggers’ community. “People will see a lot of ‘Me’ in this movie and I think it’s more difficult to show your real self on screen,” he revealed while sharing that Asim asked him not to think much about the character because he insisted, “it’s you.”

According to Munawar, “It is rather more difficult to be yourself on screen because as an actor, you are scared to show your actual self on screen. That part is something different than what I have done before.”

Sharing the details of his character and why he said ‘yes’ to it, Ahmed Ali Butt [who also had given input in the script], shared that his first ever commercial was directed by Asim Raza. “For an actor, it’s very important to have co-stars who are better than him and I am very blessed to have been cast with industry’s best people and I feel proud of it,” said Butt while appreciating his co-stars. The film also gives first ever chance to Ahmed to share a frame with his cousin and actress, Sonya Jehan.

Asim Raza was all thankful to the cast of the film for all the hard work they had put in. “I have made them do so many things that were little as compared to their status but they did it for me and that is the actual support our cinema needs,” he said while wrapping up the session.


Cinematography: Salman Razzaq

Set design: Aarij

Lyrics: Asim Raza

Music: Azan Sami Khan

Make-up artiste: Adnan Ansari

Male grooming: Rashid Salon

Female eastern wardrobe: Umar Sayeed

Male wardrobe: Ismail Farid