Sandra Bullock loves her kids to the point of being ‘little neurotic’

Actress Sandra Bullock dubbed herself “neurotic and afraid every day" while detailing her list of worries as a parent. She stars as a mother who desperately tries to save her two children from a mysterious force in the new post-apocalyptic horror film Bird Box.

Bullock has now admitted to having the same fears when it comes to her own children Louis, 8, and Laila, 6.

“I know now what it feels like to be afraid every single day because I love my kids to the point where I'm a little neurotic,” Bullock said in an interview.

Offering further context she said her terror stemmed from "what's happening in the world, am I a good mother? When they leave the house and go to school I check my phone constantly... did the school call?

“Are they going to get hurt. If they're leaving with someone else, I panic. I have to learn how to relax in a world that spins that kind of worry and remind myself, and my children, that it is also a hopeful place,” she shared.