Habits to Break in 2019

Let’s stop living in denial and accept that some habits cannot be carried into the next year, so best leave them where they belong. Here we have compiled a list of habits to ditch for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Here’s hoping these resolutions will last beyond a week!

Say no to screens

Yeah, we know this is tougher than the smoking and the ability of iPhone to keep track of screen time is really not helping. At one point, we have all tried digital detox and we tend to be in denial about how it was such an epic fail. The fact that being glued to screen makes us socially unavailable is one factor, but the effect it has on our health is another. These days getting work done with these gadgets is impossible but despite everything, we all need to go offline once in a while no matter how long the period lasts.


It should be no surprise that this made it top of the list. It’s time to acknowledge that smoking not only negatively impacts us but also our surroundings. And what better time to put an effort to break this filthy habit it is other than the New Year. All smokers at some point have tried, so here is a trick: every time you crave a smoke, have apple cider vinegar. It helps curb the cravings and has multiple benefits, too. For example it lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar level.

Say no to junk food

Since we are on the subject, let’s try to say no to junk food. Once in a while indulgence can make it to our weekly schedules but for the most part, let’s replace sodas with green tea or lemon water (living up to the delusion that it is the solution to everything) and make salads a part of daily consumption. Moreover, don’t be satisfied with your fruit consumption unless they have been thoroughly washed, not just with water.


We all hoard so much stuff that it unconsciously contributes to our emotional well-being. We have unhealthy attachments to material things which it might be a good time to ditch. Cleaning up will be a good idea. Organising and getting work done always gives you a sense of accomplishment so this time while you are at it, dig deeper in the closets and get rid of all those clothes from five years that don’t fit anymore.

Breathe better air

Air pollution is a crucial issue that we so easily contribute to and ignore to acknowledge. While addressing outdoor air pollution is not one man’s job, we as individuals, need to make a few habits to change ourselves but the air pollution indoors can to quite an extent we fixed by us. Did you know that the indoor air pollution is five times worse than the outdoors? This can be fixed by investing very sensibly in an air purifier. Yes, those come with hefty price tags but are worth every penny.

Stick to the diet

If you have started a diet and stuck to it religiously without giving in to your cravings then do explore other areas too because this is superhero ability material. For the rest of us who don’t have any superhuman powers, we all have a list of the occasions where diets have failed, cravings have been satisfied and workouts have been ditched. But this new year, let’s all make a promise to ourselves and mean it. Aim at making more realistic choices that are easy to adhere to and carry with ourselves in the future. Healthier food choices are one of them. While at it, also try to include more honey in your diet.


The days pass by with increasing pressure to do well in our jobs, escalating use and updating of social media, the ever-present need of showcasing a good life on social media and the relentless comparisons between yours and that once person you attended a conference with in 2009. Life is hard but something as simple as reconnecting with nature could make the days easier. While eating a green diet can also be categorised with nature, let’s not stop there. Find time to go to the beach, let the sea wash away your stress, and take a stroll in the woods (if you can find them in your city) or something as little as a sunrise or a sunset. You’d be surprised how nature can be the solution of all health problems.

This New Year, start by claiming your life as your own, it doesn’t belong to social media, or your office or any other toxic person in your life. It belongs to you.