What will 2019 be like?

Astrologer Aliyah Nazir predicts the events that will shape the year
  • 05 Jan - 11 Jan, 2019
  • Eman Saleem
  • Interview

For half a decade, the country has been on its toes in constant anticipation of what Imran Khan’s government will do and now that it’s here, changes are already underway but are they for the best? A few months in and we have seen things like anti-encroachments drives to audit and tax reforms; changes that are worthy of being the centre of every discussion and lay a solid edifice in penning down the history of Khan’s government. The most interesting thing about the current state of Pakistani politics is that this is just the beginning of the turning of tables. Eager to learn what the dawn of the New Year will bring for our precious Pakistan, I talked to Astrologer Aliyah Nazir to get some insight on what to expect. Stay with us.

What will the year 2019 be like for Pakistan?

The events unfolding in the end of 2018 will continue in 2019. Reforms and the resolution of a new Pakistan will continue but at the same time, our economy will continue to witness instability. The Sindh government will be rather unstable to the brink of failure, an election seems to be in the cards for a new governor but generally, instability will thrive. Moreover, I can also see major constitutional change and large scale judicial activism.

What would be the political status of Pakistan?

The political status of Pakistan will continue to shake the country. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari will go through further court proceedings until being jailed in November. It will be a difficult year especially for Zardari. There are a lot of legal nuances and court rounds coming up for Malik Riaz, the property tycoon. Ishaq Dar will fail to return home. Saad Rafiq will also be seen behind bars. I am also foreseeing a reshuffle in Khan’s cabinet.

Do you see any changes in the Naya Pakistan of 2019?

The year ahead is going to be a difficult one, nothing short of living in an earthquake zone. I see good times waiting at the end of the year but the first six months are going to be rather difficult with the country jolted by unemployment, price hikes, increased interest rates and difficult economic situation. In the second half of the year, the tides will change slightly for the better. There will be a fall in petrol and electricity prices and government efforts towards change will be a little more prominent.

What will be the future of PTI?

Through 2019, Khan’s position will be stable but the mound of problems will be enormous. However, a lot of members of the PTI and the present cabinet will be seen go through legal trials and will face charges accordingly.

Will terrorism reduce or increase in 2019?

The year 2019 will bring good news on the terrorism front. I predict a significant reduction in terrorist activity in Pakistan.

What role will the army play in 2019?

I see the army playing a rather positive role in the coming year, but in the background.

How do you see any change in Pakistan’s relation with India?

2019 is a very important year for Indo-Pak relations. In the year 2019-20, the Kashmir issue will be resolved. For this to finally happen, India will finally come to the table for peace talks and this will bring good news for Kashmir.

What about the country’s economy?

This is quite complicated. The economy will suffer greatly in the course of the first six months but I can see a change in the later half of the year. Effects of change will be mildly reflected positively but given the financial crunch all industries alike are facing at the moment, the year ahead is a difficult one.

What is the future of world politics look like?

As India is gearing up for general elections, it looks like Modi will lose his seat this time around; however, Trump will continue his term through 2019 until the elections scheduled in November 2020.

Do you foresee any natural calamities?

I see water-related natural calamities in 2019. Heavy rain falls and floods can be expected. Similarly, land-produced-products that come from the fields will thrive. In Naya Pakistan, I can see a very good year for the farmers. The soil will give excellent product and in abundance, which includes rice, sugarcane and wheat.

Will Imran Khan complete his tenure?

So far, I can predict that Prime Minister Imran Khan will complete his tenure. He will stabilise himself enough to continue to stay in power.

Do you see China taking over economic control in 2019-20?

I don’t see China taking economic control over Pakistan in 2019 but what I rather see is a decline in our relationship with China as compared to the previous year.

Any advice to the general public?

This year I see a lot of change in terms of weather and toward events like calamities related to water, hence, I will suggest to stay informed about the weather conditions. Moreover, we will see price hikes but there will be a decline as the year proceeds so the public needs to build tolerance. •