Letters To The Editor

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
– Oprah Winfrey

Enslaved by technology

We live in a world of constant evolution where technology has positive changes as well as negative impacts. We are constantly engrossed in our phones, laptops and social media that we merely have time for our loved ones. We are missing out on live communications and have turned ourselves into digital zombies. As a result, the younger generation is more into a habit of haring their feelings through social media rather than sharing with their loved ones that leads to loneliness and depression. Technology has created an emotional distance between people. To maintain healthy relationships with each other we need to minimize the use of technology in our lives. We need to give ourselves room to breathe without all these gadgets and start spending time with people.

Hashim Akhter,

Plight of sugarcane cultivators

It’s been over five years and sugarcane cultivators continue from low prices and late payments by sugar mills and landlords. The case remains unchanged this year as well. Although the Sindh government has announced Rs182 per 40kg, protesting, farmers ask for Rs. 210 to Rs. 230. On the other hand, sugar mills are buying it at Rs.140, which is even lower than official rates. The government and relevant authorities need to take measures so that our farmers may not suffer from heavy financial losses.

Sabeen Ahmed,

Rash public transport drivers

Our public transport is already in a pitiful condition, but what exacerbates the situation is their drivers, who drive very rashly. Their careless driving puts the lives of passengers at risk. According a report, in every two day, five fatal accidents occur in Karachi. Further, it is said that about 30,000 accidents are reported in each year and there are many cases which go unreported. Therefore, the road accidents are being common due to the reckless driving. The drivers never abide by traffic rules and break the traffic rules. Since there is no check and balance in the city regarding local transports, it is high time, the concerned authorities and traffic police of Karachi should take strict action regarding this life threating issue.

Ameera Khan,

Marine pollution is a menace

Marine pollution is known to be one of the most common types of environmental pollution in the coastal areas of Pakistan, which has affected the entire beach. The water contaminations have been destroying the aquatic lives. Most of the species are dying because the environment is not suitable for them to stay alive. The industrial wastes are very poisonous because most of them are chemicals which are residues of many products. When these chemicals are mixed with water, the toxicity of water increases due to which life can’t be stabilised in water. Marine pollution disturbs the food chains of marine lives too. It is also reported that our sea species have decreased from 18,000 to 7,000 in the span of two years. There is an urgent need to take speedy actions so as to secure the Marine life and concerned authorities must swing into action.

Mehjabeen Hassan,