Digital no threat to cinema, says Shahrukh

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan who has ruled the film industry is not threatened by the digital platform. The extremely intelligent actor believes that irrespective of whatever new comes in, the cinematic experience will never fade away.

Replying to a question on whether digital space going strong would pose a threat to cinema, he says, “No, not at all! People mistake it for a big screen experience. It’s not a big screen experience, it’s a community experience. And community experience in a country like India will never fade away.”

“We, as a set of people, are a community. The screen has to be big because a lot of people are coming and sitting. It may change its format, it may not come every week, it may come every three months. The formats of how it is shown will change, but cinema will remain because the community remains,” the Raees actor reiterates.