All change! That’s what we should expect in 2019. I am calling it the year for self-reliance. The UK is some way down its own path to making changes. So, the year will have fewer surprises for us than it may for others. The world has been slow to change and Pluto, the changer, is impatient.

The West opens with high expectations. Early in the year, the influence of Jupiter and Neptune will generate optimism and the feeling that we can overcome our struggles. One of the most exciting planetary changes of the year will be made by Chiron, the healer. It moves, full-time, into pioneering Aries. On the last two occasions that it was there we went through the Roaring Twenties and the ‘Me-Decade’ starting early in the 1970s. It was party time and the world was very relaxed! The UK deserves a party, so looking at this one, I won’t dampen too much. But while we are relaxed, the rest of the world should not be. They will have to start to deal with their own problems in the coming year.

Chiron works slowly and always ends up being very disruptive of the establishment that it finds. What is the establishment it finds? Above all, the world is full of mature money systems, that have been deeply abused and are heavily in debt. Following the 2008 financial crisis, we decided to correct our own situation and this produced the hardships we have been through. Too many other governments chose to avoid this, but their time must come. The world needs to return to living within its means, as we have been trying to do. The Pluto influence will make the world face-up to its money problems, clear out its corrupt management and rebuild honest systems.

Throughout the year, I see international financial scenes of conflict between the self-interest of the elite and the expectations of the people. I am looking for the exposure of practices that are shaming. The culprits will be in banks, governments and financial regulators that have not been through correction. Pluto will continue to bring theirs about. The world needs to put its worst times behind, and rediscover honest values that everybody truly wants to return to.

I will be looking for demonstrations of this in a move by electorates towards popular leaders. Voters will be looking for politics that are untainted by a history of corruption. They will want newer parties, perceived to be closer to the people. These are hopeful voters, looking for more honest, humanitarian governments. There will be a sense that enough is enough, and that politicians must accept that a new way is dawning. Politics will become more ‘amateur’ across Europe, employment will rise and some economic strength will be recovered.

In my deeper studies of 2019, I found myself looking at America more often than is usual. It suffers from so many of the underlying symptoms that I talk of here. There are signs that beneath its encouraging output and growth, severe economic problems are still building. Whatever kind of positive mood we can create for ourselves, it looks like their authority will be losing its grip. Right now, instead of managing its financial crisis, more and more fake money is being printed to buy off an inevitable crash. Chiron’s method of work is to progressively encourage such abuses, until it forces a collapse. In 2019, I am looking for the beginning of its monetary disruption.

Just as money seems to be disrupted in 2019, so will be the pace of change in the work place. We should expect the growth of inexpensive technology in business and finance. I expect to see a new generation of software coming to work. It contains artificial intelligence, which will raise questions about the unemployment that it may produce. 

In the background, this year is being driven by Pluto, a massive transformer, even revolutionary. So, the year is, essentially, anti-establishment and correcting imbalance. Pluto produces demolished endings, to leave new, principled beginnings in its wake. In the knowledge that we have the best of it, I wish you all a happy and settled year, dear reader.

World Preview

There are three eclipses to note this year and these take place in January, July and December, the middle being a total solar eclipse. In August 2017 (in Leo) it caused ripples and a downright scandal in the Hollywood entertainment industry. This time (in Cancer) a prominent family or property magnate may come under scrutiny. Eclipses breed uncertainty, but can indicate situations coming to an end, followed by a new beginning. This may occur in Western politics, with a new controversy regarding a prominent world leader; eclipses have a way for revealing unpalatable truths.


Chinese astrology works on a slightly different time scale from the more familiar Western branch of the study, and because of this, Chinese New Year does not commence in 2019 until 5th February. Until that time remains under the rulership of the Dog, the influence of which has been felt throughout society for the last twelve months or so. The ancient Chinese scribes identified this period as being one of reasonable peace, with the forces of law and order predominating and move towards peace being the norm.

However, from 5th February the influence changes somewhat as the year of the Boar dawns. Often thought of as being similar to the Western zodiac sign of Scorpio, Pig years are times when things are more likely to happen, and often in an unpredictable or even violent way. During Pig years, diplomacy on the world stage sometimes takes a back seat and people tend to take the law into their own hands. However, the Boar is very idealistic, so we should see a year during which people all over the world will be more than willing to stand up for what they believe, even bringing down governments if they consider that their rights are being abused. Pig years are times of gains and losses and periods when common sense is sometimes thrown out of the window in the heat of emotionally motivated events.

The element associated with the Boar in 2019 is Earth. This pairing tends to take some of the edge off the unpredictable and somewhat volatile nature of the animal, making people less aggressive and instead influencing them to centre their ambitions around realistic targets.


Quakes in U.S., floods in Australia

This is a moment of deep uncertainty. The financial markets may be booming but smart investors should invest only in safe bets and avoid potential bubbles. In Washington, the American government runs into major obstacles and is engaged in a constitutional struggle over the extent of its powers. The lunar eclipse passes over Beijing pointing to popular protests against the regime. China’s western provinces may be in open revolt. General earthquake alerts will be made in the north-east USA and British Columbia. Flood warnings will be issued in eastern Australia.

China in a warlike mood

The housing market in London looks particularly explosive with sharp rises in parts of the country provoking predictions of a crash. However, the national mood is optimistic, with opinion polls indicating confidence in the future. China is in a warlike mood, sabre-rattling in the South China Sea and launching a series of confrontations with its neighbours throughout the year.


Nigeria at high risk of military take-over

This is a boom time for fashion and pop culture, with young British designers and writers poised for international fame. A high tech communications start-up should be floated on the stock exchange, with high profits to be made. The American government attempts to reboot itself with a raft of major reforms on democratic rights and immigration controls. The time is ripe for international peace treaties although talks will not be easy and will require give and take on all sides.

We can expect a major government reshuffle at the most senior level. In the economic sphere, there should be a raft of new domestic financial regulations and reforms in the mortgage market. International trade agreements will turn out to be not what they seemed amid allegations of mismanagement. Fears of a trade war are high, but are unlikely to be realised. Nigeria is at high risk of revolution and a military take-over. Instability ripples across Africa and there may be talk of an ‘African spring’.


Risk of chaos at borders

The New Moon on 6th March is in Pisces in a conjunction with Neptune. This is a perfect indication for poets, prophets and dreamers, but very poor for all practical ventures in which detail will be ignored in favour of ideals. Continuing battles in the government may result in a shift of leadership to a younger generation. The Russian government benefits from increasing popularity which strengthens its hand in international negotiations.

The Full Moon on 21st March takes place in Libra in the ninth house in London. The square of Saturn and Pluto to the UK’s Moon indicates the profound structural stress on financial and political institutions caused by Brexit, which is due on the 29th. Jupiter rising at London, however, indicates that the general national mood remains optimistic although there is no sign that splits between leavers and remainers will be resolved. There is still considerable doubt over the prospects of a soft Brexit at the end of an easy transition period. There is no sign of the promise that the people will take back control, and we will see continuing claims that government is trying to back-track on the referendum result. The risk of chaos at the borders remains high.


Hidden enemies might target financial institutions

The mood of the time favours romantics and dreamers. The government’s ‘confidence and supply’ agreement with the DUP is in danger. Financial institutions are targeted by hidden enemies and the theft of major documents and revelation of scandals. The global focus shifts to Latin America. Cuba is in the middle of a democratic transition, and the leadership will pass to the younger generation. Argentina is in a period of prolonged instability and may renew its claim to the Malvinas/Falkland Islands, taking advantage of Brexit. The Venezulan government faces an international isolation refugee crisis.

The Full Moon on 19th April is in Libra in an opposition to Uranus pointing to general unpopularity for the government and possible defeat in by elections and votes in the Commons. A property market swing will create uncertainty. Corruption scandals erupt in the Australian government and we may see ministerial resignations. The North Korean government is in a confused state suggesting that, with the right intention, peace deals may be struck.


Philippines to establish a new balance of power

There will be a spate of moral panics, and principle takes priority over practical politics. The Balkans are in a period of change, thanks to Russian interference. Bosnia is experiencing renewed communal tensions as Serbian nationalists attempt to seize control of parts of the country. Serbia will take a step closer to joining the EU. Tensions also rise across South-East Asia. We can expect international pressure on Myanmar and a change at the top the government. Vietnam is experiencing an economic boom and should be a prime target for investors.

Financial indicators are generally positive, although the fact that the markets may reach a peak also points to a short fall in coming weeks. Health spending will rise, with more funds for mental health. New regulations will be introduced in areas of gender and transgender rights. The Philippines is engaged in talks with China over new security co-operation, establishing a new balance of power.


The risk of war at its peak 

The New Moon on 3rd June falls in Gemini in a tense ‘T’ square with Neptune and Jupiter, indicating good prospects for growth. The public mood is positive. Potentially profitable investments include high-tech transportation systems. More funds will be promised to the school system, including using education for crime prevention. Hopes rise for new genetic cures for long-standing medical problems. The European Union takes significant steps towards major economic and banking integration, and records higher growth figures. Pressure on the South African government mounts as hopes of reform are disappointed, but new proposals for land reform are widely greeted.

The risk of war is at a peak and it is vital that the greatest effort possible be put into diplomacy and the avoidance of potential accidents. India steps up to become a global economic power with investment and growth at record rates. Western Australia is at renewed risk of environmental chaos and flooding.


Greece leaves behind its financial troubles

The New Moon on 2nd July is in Cancer in the seventh house, opposed to Saturn and Pluto. Nationalist sentiments are at a height leading to moves across the world to restrict immigration and deport aliens. The eclipse path is total over Buenos Aires inaugurating a chance of major reform in Argentina, which could become an economic powerhouse of the southern hemisphere. Jupiter is on the Midheaven of the chart for German economic reunification pointing to very strong growth, and the Eurozone is experiencing a period of stability. Greece is beginning to emerge from its financial troubles, and job creation proceeds apace.

There is a risk of sabotage in the mining and power industries and a risk of new epidemics. Iran may be the object of military attacks by its neighbours and threats to its integrity, although there is no threat to the government from within the country. There are fresh international attempts to nation-build in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, driving out the jihadis.


Possibility of Hindu-Muslim clashes in India

The New Moon on 1st August is in Leo, in a conjunction with Mars and Venus, pointing to passion, creativity and commercial success in the artistic sectors. This is a peak moment for innovation across the board and it’s an auspicious moment to form unusual partnerships, social enterprises and companies which aim to disrupt established production cycles. The emphasis is on the sustainable circular economy in which recycling is mandatory.

Struggles within the government produce a challenge to the Prime Minister. The French government is passing through a period of instability, but should be able to force through union and labour reforms. Colombia is the country to note in Latin America, and may assume a leading role in resolving regional problems and offering a prime opportunity for investors.

There will be a wholesale reorganisation in the government with new ministries created and others merged, but confusing results may lead to a decline in public trust. India is at risk from communal tensions and steps need to be taken to avert Hindu-Muslim clashes.


Possibility of regime change in Bolivia and Venzuela

This is a positive period for free spirits, mystics and spiritual thinkers, but very poor for initiatives which require clarity, efficiency and clear targets. In Europe, tensions focus on the Baltics and the former communist states of the East, with fears of Russian interference in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We may expect a change of government in Poland. Latin America may also be in turmoil and regime change is possible in Bolivia and Venzuela. There are new fears that Colombia and Peru are again in danger of becoming narco-states, controlled by international drug cartels. In Cuba a new, popular, young leadership finally takes over.

Internationally, Mexico is in the news with major protests against the killing of journalists and opposition politicians. Underlying trends in the global economy continue to be buoyant in spite of short-term fluctuations. Good stocks are centred on communication and travel including space exploration.


UK may lose key overseas markets

Globally, confrontation is the norm, with increasing tension over the coming weeks. The UK government is involved in a spate of foreign policy problems, finding its ambitions blocked at every turn. There are fears that the UK will lose key overseas markets, with potential job losses in most sectors. New border controls will cause problems for marketers. Change is due in the countries of East Africa. Tanzania and Kenya are both returning positive growth figures, but an increasingly prosperous population requires greater freedoms, and consequently we may see protests.

The New Moon on 28th October is in Scorpio in the second house, in an opposition to Uranus in the eight. Financial institutions will be under maximum stress and regulators should prepare for banking failures. Political earthquakes may be seen across left and right. Headlines will announce that nobody could have predicted this month’s events. Political upsets may be seen in the Midwest of the USA, Central America and South-East Asia, where elections will be won by outsiders, and incumbents should lose.


Egypt, S. Arabia to support revival of M.E. peace process 

In London, Parliament is in turmoil and the government will lose significant votes and elections. Globally, the time is right for tough-talking to solve deep problems, and we may see high profile rounds of shuttle diplomacy between Washington, Moscow and Beijing. The Middle East peace process will be revived with support from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Iranian influence will be at a low-point anywhere except over its own clients, Hamas and Hezbollah. In Israel, the opposition is fragmented and the government free to take whatever actions it pleases. The South African government faces turmoil as covered-up scandals are revealed. 

The New Moon on 26th November is in Sagittarius in the seventh house in a semi-sextile to Mars and a quincunx to Uranus. Renewed turmoil hits the UK government, and there is a high probability of a leadership contest and the threat of an early general election. On the international scene, space travel takes a major leap forward, although there are fears of the militarisation of space. We may also expect a major space achievement by Russian cosmonauts, perhaps preparations for a Mars mission.


Political change focuses on South-West Africa

Mars is rising on London indicating arguments over the national state of personal debt, mortgages, tax-relief and the costs of social care. Arguments between the needs of young people and the elderly will not be resolved. There is a renewed focus on high-tech communication with massive new investment in automated transport systems but also regulation of the web and attempts to ban mobile phones from schools. The Korean Peninsula is the global flashpoint, and Japan should take the lead in preventing conflict.

The New Moon on 26th December is an eclipse in Capricorn. This is a key moment to reset the global world order to move away from confrontation and back to co-operation, and emphasis international prosperity rather than national interests. Political change focuses on South-West Africa. Angola is booming thanks to its natural resources, but becomes the focus of investigations into multinational corporate crime. In South-East Asia, Indonesia becomes the focus for a new set of financial deals designed to lure business away from the West. We end the year on a positive note with widespread agreement that peace is a better way forward than war.


World economies have been enjoying a phase of simultaneous growth, with increases in GDP and falling unemployment, whether across the Eurozone, the UK, America, Canada or China. Economic expansion is the key phrase in 2019 as Jupiter and Neptune make strong contacts in the months of January, May and September, any of which may coincide with over-optimism and high expectations, instability and ‘overheating’ of the economy.

This Jupiter effect means that in 2019 inflation will be on the rise. There may eventually be a fall out in the markets, and speculative bubbles are likely to burst in the latter half of the year. Coupled with reduced liquidity this could presage a sell-off in equities when the damage to investor confidence could be huge. For example, the Dollar could be under severe pressure in September, struggling somewhat against the Euro.


America is in an especially bullish phase in 2019 as Jupiter passes through a critical place on the US National Chart. It is facing the rest of the world with a heightened sense of complacency. This may also coincide with a resurgent military build-up in the Army, Air Force and Navy. However, self-confidence may be dented in 2019 as the U.S. economy comes under the threat of recession. The cycles applying to the U.S. this year suggest a slowdown in recent growth which is bad news for the economy, and if this starts to founder, so does the President’s popularity.

There are any number of real world influences that could presage the indicated recession: the Democrats might precipitate an impeachment process, or inflation may spike. At any rate, planetary stresses from Saturn on Donald Trump’s birth chart in 2019 show he’ll have difficulty playing the maverick and popular confounder of expectations, as July’s solar eclipse also affects his chart. This may coincide with a new scandal for example an FBI investigation could take a disconcerting turn. However, this may not be sufficient to kick start the impeachment that many Democrats would like to see.


Jupiter will strongly influence the United Kingdom chart at key points in 2019, suggesting a sure-footed government pressing ahead with policies, even though some will be deeply unpopular. This will show how self-confidence can look like arrogance. In January and June we may see new optimistic projects announced in transport, especially the rail and aeronautics industries. This is underlined by the strong presence of belligerent Mars in 2019, indicating an aggressive stance in any foreign diplomacy and negotiations, in particular the ones from Brexit.

There are notes of optimism and economic growth in early 2019, this in spite of Brexit. Jupiter’s alignment with the Moon is good news for schools, the NHS, tourism and the service industries. However, the influence of Saturn on the Tory party chart in June suggests the leadership is under mounting pressure, directly connected to the handling of Britain leaving the European Union. On the UK chart, Pluto makes another significant alignment which suggests there could be a change of resident in Number 10 by mid-summer.


The next elections for the European Parliament will occur around 23rd-26th May 2019, shortly after the deadline for Britain leaving the EU. These will have a deep impact on the future course of Europe. A planetary alignment between Uranus and the Moon indicates some shocks and surprises after conventional expectations go awry. The EU Parliament will thereafter feature a considerable collection of Eurosceptics.

German politics is also undergoing a transformation it is undergoing its ‘Saturn return’ after the unification 29 years ago. This means it will have to rethink, even abandon, certain policies on EU integration which have since proven unrealistic. The EU will have to be more conciliatory and co-operative with the new right wing parties on the scene; in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. Plus there may be unrest in southern Europe during the summer, a situation that may escalate into a civil war.


Mars has been crossing a critical point on Russia’s chart for a number of years, which is why the West increasingly sees it as belligerent and warlike, and even criminal. This phase will peak in mid-2020, but up until then the country will seem like a rogue state to many. Expect little change in 2019 as Putin consolidates his hold on power bolstered by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. There may be new sanctions on Russia so expect reports of skullduggery in foreign trade deals when Putin retaliates.

China, the most spectacular economic/political sensation of recent times, is also feeling confident on the world stage as the combined effect of Pluto and Jupiter make it a massive economic powerhouse of production. However, in the financial markets this can mean instability and the Chinese debt bubble may burst in 2019.