Table To Book
  • 05 Jan - 11 Jan, 2019
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Location: 26th Street, Khyaban-e-Sehar, Karachi
Estimated cost for 2 people: Rs 1800 to 2000 approx

My pursuit for healthy yet delicious food found me at Evergreen one afternoon. Evergreen’s petite location beckons you through its glass walls and begonia plantation, which will make you want to surrender, for once, to a plate of salad. The ambience is like a breath of fresh air; cosy, uncluttered and green. Ample sunshine washes through the windows, lighting up white marble topped tables, making everything in sight Instagramable. If you find Evergreen’s ambience to be a curious reflection of Xander’s then don’t be confounded, as it too, is part of restaurateur Sikander Rizvi’s venture. I seated myself across the Subway-style bar and went through the extensive menu, clearly unacquainted with so many healthy food combinations. A friend and I kick-started our Evergreen experience with a salad bar, which allows you to select up to three combinations in one bowl. We went for the Feta and Shitake Mushroom salad, and I was blown away by the perfect balance of flavours, particularly the balsamic taste notes. The second combination of Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa salad exuded freshness. Who knew roasted pumpkin and leaves would deliver such a good punch of flavour? The next combination of Date and Orange salad was too sweet for me; courtesy of the orange-fennel dressing which I felt was too sophisticated to taste buds which were just adjusting to food options that were not pies or burgers. You can also add grilled chicken or steak for some additional protein. A variety of soups and ‘bowls,’ wraps and lean burgers, noodles and zoodles (which are zucchini noodles) made for tempting options. When the hot Laksa bowl was served to us, I almost swooned at its enticing aroma, and I have to admit, it was the best I had enjoyed in a long while. The coconut curry was well balanced with tender chicken and noodles and the egg was perfectly boiled. I wondered why Laksa is listed in their Soups and Snacks, since it was a wholesome meal on its own. But I am not sure if I was a fan of their Caesar wrap which was albeit decorated very nicely, had a green wrap which I am not a fan of. Perhaps it would appeal to most green-eating enthusiasts but it is something I’d like to skip. Red Snapper is the only seafood item on their menu but is served in three styles. I went with the Sesame Crusted Snapper which had the flavourful dressing of soy ginger sauce and was served with a side-line of vegetables. By this time I was too full to try anything from their burgers section but my friend convinced me to have some dessert. And let it be known that Evergreen’s flourless gluten free chocolate cake was the perfect cherry to add on to a healthy noon brunch.

TASTE  4 Stars

I, for one didn’t know guilt-free, healthy food can also be delicious. For a relatively healthy and mostly low and moderate calorie food, Evergreen has impeccable taste offerings. Another plus point for the freshness of all ingredients.


It’s off-putting to see many large eateries in Karachi capitalise on “more people, more money’s and have cramped seating orders. This eatery begs to differ.

SERVICE 3.5 Stars

You may have to be a patient diner because at lunch hour the place is bustling. I feel it should also have a waiting area.


Beautifully presented food is definitely their forte! My salad plates and the beautiful arranged ingredients made for nice Instagram capture.


I found all prices reasonable given the fresh quality of food they are offering.