Pakistani fashion in 2018 and the year ahead

  • 05 Jan - 11 Jan, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

What a happening year it has been for fashion in Pakistan… from the entire fashion fraternity involved in showcasing us their best, to the stylists making it possible and to masses which assimilate these trends... it has been a journey. And as it ends, MAG gets in touch with some of the influential names on the fashion forefront and hear what they have to say about the past year in fashion and how they foresee the current scene to change. 

Amar Faiz 

Faiz is the stylist any celebrity would kill to have. In fact, the styling maestro’s client list includes some big international names of red carpet regulars, including Kylie Minogue to Iggy Azalea and our very own Mahira Khan. In fact, he’s the man behind Khan’s glamorous Cannes looks. Here is taking his two cents on the fashion scene. 

How would you define the past whirlwind year for fashion? 

It was infused with art and there certainly were no rules to go by with. Also, it was an important year in fashion to explore activewear. 

What is that one fashion trend from last year, we should bid adieus to once and for all? 

Put an end to the fascination with ball gowns and sheer “naked” dresses. They need to go for good. 

If you were to choose one trend to carry into the new year, it will be? 

I love the art-infused, print on print, color splash. 

As a stylist, what do you thing will be the next big thing in fashion this year?

Bold colored powersuits. Late 80’s influences heavily inspired by late Gianni Versace and prints on prints. 

Who’s been your favourite celebrity to work with?

Iggy Azalea. She had no reservations and gave 100% trust in me and never interfered with my work. She was absolutely a darling to work with.

How would you define your style philosophy as a stylist?

It is very important to know your client and what they like but always try to push the envelope as you are the stylist and it’s your job to make your client look the best. The client is not always right is my philosophy.

Ali Xeeshan 

Celebrated fashion designer, Xeeshan is known for his elaborate bridal gowns and unconventional fashion shows. He is the spearheading force behind his eponymous brand Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio. 

How would you define the fashion scene of past year? 

It is definitely global. Democratic and experimental too. 

What is the best thing that happened to fashion in 2018? 

Minimalism. Emphasis on clean cuts and silhouettes. You can only ever go wrong with it. And speaking of the worst trends, I wish (and hope) print-on-print never returns, at least not for a while. 

What new can we expect from the fashion scene this year?

Even simpler cuts, a gentle hand on embroidery and unsophisticated silhouette should be the next big trend. 

Huma Adnan 

Huma, along with her husband Amir Adnan, has been a trendsetter many have looked up to for decades. She is the steering force behind her brand FnkAsia and her newly launched bridal collection. Here is what she has to say… 

What was different about the fashion scene of 2018? 

It hyped and favoured androgynous fashion. And that was fun! 

What are some trends you wish would stay another year and the ones you wish should never come back?

2018 was the year for ethical and responsible fashion with a lot of fashion houses bringing in collections with a purpose. Fashion rested high on fine tailoring, simplified silhouettes and landed a strong emphasis on accessories. However I would like to avoid low-waist pants and sheer, lingerie-esque dressing which was huge last year. 

Can you forecast, what will be the next big thing in fashion this year?

This year we will be seeing a lot of layering and flower bouquet with details. Hand-made attires will be the forefront. I’m working with refugees in Pakistan and I will be emphasising on a lot of handmade luxury products. Emphasis on work and workout wear will be big.

Cheena Chapra

Chapra is calibrated to have unanimously changed the landscape of fashion weeks by debuting real women on the runway for perhaps the first time in Pakistan. Her collections of craft-heavy clothing aim at extending festive style to every woman, irrespective of age and size. Here is listening to what she has to say about the old and new fashion dynamics. 

Three words to encapsulate the fashion scene at present? 

Plus is IN.

What was, in your opinion the highlight and lowlight of the industry last year? 

Highlight for me and for many strong women out there was the inclusivity of plus size fashion and how it came into limelight. Ladies who were hidden came out openly with their heads high. There is no shame in being overweight or ageing! 

A lowlight for me was to see how the classic elegant gharara is now destroyed by changing its traditional cut and shape in the name of ‘experimentation’. I saw many ghararas flying on the road side of Tariq Road and my heart sank. 

What fashion trends do you predict and foresee for the current year? 

I am an old school designer so I love staying in my classic style. Plus, lots of designers are trying to revive the old school designs and I hope it happens because our fashion is so classic and elegant. There is so much to tap into and bring out. – Attiya Abbass