• 05 Jan - 11 Jan, 2019
  • Attiya Abbass
  • Beauty

Renowned celebrity make-up artists talk to MAG, as they look back at the beauty trends of 2018 and forecast trends for the present year. Read on..


2018 trends were all about…?

Glittery. Dewy. Eye-catching.

What were some of the best beauty trends this year?

Hands down glowy luminisers. I also loved the inner corner highlighters. Glitters too were huge, but its tricky to use them right. Love red bright lips too.

What do you think was the worst beauty trend?

Metallic lipstick and coloured highlighters, for starters. I am also not a fan of crusty matte lipstick and white eyeliner. Also feathery eyebrows and uncorn makeup should never come back this year!

In your opinion, which hair trends will be big to rule in 2019?

I think 2019 will be a good year for braids and hair accessories. Retro-chic bobs will be in vogue too. And of course, beach waves and natural textured hair can never stop being trendy.

And makeup trends?

Makeup will get a sparkly revamp. Lips will go pastel and bright! Think of nude, wine and reds. For eyes, think of smudgy, classic black eyeliner and coloured mascara. Keep the contour subtle with peachy pink cheeks and pale foundation. And of course the glossy dewy skin still rules the makeup musts.


Three words to encapsulate the beauty scene of 2018?

Effortless, unique and edgy

Any trends from the past years you’d like to carry into 2019?

Trainers and oversized clothing should definitely stay!

A beauty trend you’d want to bid bye-bye?

Definitely, acrylic nails. And filled lips.

As a veteran makeup artist, what do you thing will be the next big thing in beauty this year?

Shorter hair. Eclectic clothing will be huge, paired with disruptive hair and makeup.

What is Nabila’s beauty philosophy?

Efficient. Simple. Fail proof.

Your favorite go-to hair style on a celebrity?

It would be pulled back hair. Of course it may appear simple to style, but requires flawless makeup, which is the hardest part.


A beauty rule you’ve stuck with throughout 2018?

Keeping it simple.

Best beauty steal from this year?

Beach waves! I think they will stay another year, at least for me. Can’t get enough.

Worst beauty trend from the year?

Surprisingly, I didn’t find any beauty trend too overbearing. So, no worst beauty trends this year, in my opinion.

What will you forecast for the upcoming year in beauty?

Style and beautify yourself while still being in your comfort zone. Comfy is the new trend for both beauty and fashion.


Three words to encapsulate the beauty scene of 2018?

Flawless, chic and natural.

What were the most influential beauty trends of the year bygone?

Long thick eyelashes were huge and they looked incredibly beautiful paired with bold thick, defined brows. I wish they would stay another year. Also, appreciation for healthy skin was at its pea with lots of skin care involved. Caking and excessive layering of skin with foundation were no-go areas. I am all for natural and minimal makeup like many other makeup artists.

In your opinion, what was the worst beauty trend?

Distorted eyebrows were a weird trend. There was a lot of play with eyebrows fish tail and tiger eyebrows quickly becoming a thing. I hope it’s all in the past now.

What will be the next big thing for beauty this year?

2019 will be big on nude, natural makeup. High glossed skin, sheer foundation coverage, and glow skin. It will all be sheer and sheen on the skin. Eye makeup and lips would be kept very natural, paired with bolder brows. I also feel red lipstick with a healthy, sheeny skin will be a trend which will never go out. Spring makeup will also be big on fluorescent colourful eyeshades, taking up hues of blues, greens and yellows.

What about the hair trends?

Beach waves are very natural, flowy and chic. I personally put to use a lot of waves in the hair. Balayage hair colouring technique was and still would be a big thing in hair trends. I also vouch for very subtle and clean lowlights in the hair.


In three words, define the beauty scene of the year bygone?

Parey Hut Love! Since I am the official makeup artist for the upcoming movie.

What would you ditch and keep from the plethora of beauty trends from 2018?

Minimal classic makeup should always stay trendy and I am onboard for it. I’m not a fan of harsh makeup with hard line which makes a face look older so, I’d definitely ditch that.

What’s gonna be the next big thing in beauty for 2019?

Makeup that’s natural and which highlights your natural beauty, rather than turn you into a different person.

What is Adnan Ansari’s beauty philosophy?

To keep it classic, timeless and beautiful.

What’s your favorite go-to hair style on a celebrity?

Beach waves. I think they go with most faces and give a soft look.


What are some trends you wish would stay another year from 2018 and the ones you wish should never come back?

I honestly have tried a few ludicrous beauty trends myself... which includes contouring with a banana. The worst was the using a soap as a brow wax! And then the silicone beauty blender. This year people went all creative and tried using anything and everything. I always try to find shortcuts to make my followers’ life easier but this year Vera Mona cake and bake sponge was my winner. It will nevr get old for me.

As a celebrity makeup artist, which beauty brand do you absolutely swear by?

Huda Beauty! It is my go-to for almost everything as the quality and results are flawless. But make sure you buy original products only.

What is your favourite go-to hair style on a celebrity?

Beach waves with volume is my absolute favorite

Since you are Nargis Fakhri's MUA, spill some beans on her choice of go-to look for a special night?

A soft blended liner with nice lashes and a pop of color on the lips, is her way!

You and Mehwish Hayat seemed to be working on something special, as your makeup tutorial videos relay. Give us some insight into this new collaboration.

For this, you guys have to wait and see...