The Five

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3
Adventure, comedy, drama

A Series of Unfortunate Events follows the three Baudelaire children, genius orphans who will inherit a huge fortune when the eldest Violet (Malina Weissman) turns 18. But in the four years before that they have to survive being "looked after" by their nearest relative, Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris), who attempts to imprison them, kill baby Sunny (Presley Smith), marry Violet and generally try to make their lives miserable in order to get his hands on their fortune.

Comedians of the world

This global, first-of-its-kind, series will showcase 47 comedians from 13 regions in 8 languages in an unprecedented stand-up comedy experience. The groundbreaking series will feature a range of stand-up specials from comedians diverse in style, gender and ethnicity. Get ready to start the new year off with a laugh!

Pinky Malinky
Animated, comedy

Pinky Malinky is a lot of things; a brand new cartoon from Nickelodeon and Netflix, a cute technicolor mockumentary about growing up, and did we mention it’s also a show about a talking hotdog who lives in a world otherwise filled with apparently ordinary humans. On first glance the show seems to sit somewhere in between The Amazing World of Gumball and Spongebob. The teaser introduces us to Pinky, an anthropomorphic Hotdog who–according to the trailer–exists due to a genetic mutation that made his family delicious meat snacks. Voiced by High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel, Pinky is a cheery fellow whose endless optimism is at the core of the show, just like a certain square-panted deep sea dweller.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
Reality TV

In a series of inspiring home makeovers, world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo helps clients clear out the clutter and choose joy. It’s a new year, and with a new year come New Year’s resolutions that most of us will give up on in less than two weeks. Fortunately, magical organisation fairy Marie Kondo is here to help with at least one resolution: The resolution to stop sleeping in a nest of clothes and miscellany like a burrowing rodent.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

With the earth alliance weakened, Haruo weighs siding with the Exif, whose death cult is summoning a monster that can destroy the world. Godzilla: The Planet Eater is the anime sequel to Godzilla: City On the Edge of Battle produced by Toho's animation division and animated by Polygon Pictures, and the third and final installment in the Godzilla anime trilogy. The film will see Godzilla Earth pitted against his greatest challenge: the eponymous planet eater, Ghidorah.