Hotel SOL y Luna 

  • 12 Jan - 18 Jan, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Encircled by the majestic Andes Mountains, the sacred valley of the Incas is a vast, undulating landscape of lush agrarian terraces, pre-Colombian ruins and Spanish colonial churches. Sol y Luna hotel profits as well as the generosity of guests, friends and benefactors, wholly finances the Sol y Luna Association which pursues inclusion and equality through education for the children of the Sacred Valley along with sustainable work opportunities for local families. It accommodates our guests in cozy ‘casita’ houses made of local stone and decorated individually. Gardens filled with flora native to the Sacred Valley surround each of these forty-three private sanctuaries and all face the Andes Mountains where the Incas believed their gods dwelled. Fly with the wind by tandem paraglide over landscape that the Incas believed mirrored the Milky Way. Cycle and trek along Andean terraces, horseback ride to remote villages and kayak under snowcapped peaks. It is also a treasure house of pre-Colombian sites, colonial churches and thriving, enduring traditions, many of which to enjoy on the taste buds. Quechua for ‘house of water,’ our intimate spa and sun kissed swimming pool offer holistic relaxation between invigorating Sacred Valley adventures. Native healing meets modern pampering in the highly trained hands of our caring therapists. Sun kissed and surrounded by soaring mountains our outdoor swimming pool is for the exclusive use of Sol y Luna guests, who will also find comfortable deck loungers and poolside dining. Fresh from the garden, ingredients honour Andean flavours in all of our chef’s inspired dishes. Mindful that lasting memories are made through our taste buds, dining at Sol y Luna expertly blends today’s innovative Peruvian cuisine with the rich, time honoured traditions of Andean cooking, integrate the bountiful harvests of ancient Incan agrarian techniques.