Amber Martorana Admits She’s ‘Back On Dating Apps’

Married At First Sight’s Amber Martorana, 36, and Dave Flaherty, 37, got divorced, and it seems that the couple is moving on from their quick romance.

Amber told HollywoodLife that she’s “not in a big hurry to date,” but is ready. She said she’s on dating apps after announcing on December 29 that she and Dave filed for divorce. Amber said that she knew her relationship with Dave was over when they had an argument over the rating he gave her – he scored her a 7.5 out of 10. But her experience with Dave hasn’t clouded her opinion of reality television dating – Amber said she’d do the show again!

“I look at it as an adventure and I’m stronger than ever because of it,” Amber said.

Her ex-partner revealed more details about his feelings and what led to their breakup. “While divorce was always a last option, I’ve made peace with the decision and am focused on what lies ahead for me,” Dave said.