He has been around for sometime now as Taimoor, a character with so many layers. Bilal Abbas is portraying the role of an adorable, obedient son, a doting brother, a dejected lover and a confused husband in Balaa. Sensing his popularity amongst masses, MAG decides to have a chat with Taimoor.

What made you say yes for the role of Taimoor?

The character had a lot of dimensions which got me excited to explore. It’s a character I’ve never done before.

What makes Taimoor different than the characters you have done so far?

Taimoor’s character has so many shades and layers – that I got to work with a whole range of emotions playing him which the audience can relate to as a brother, son or someone they know!

Your character has so many aspects; a son who sometimes doubts his mother’s love, a dejected lover, a doting brother and a confused husband. How did you manage doing justice to every aspect?

[Laughs]… I don’t know if I was able to do justice to all the aspects - that I leave for you, to the audience, to decide.

As an actor, I am very self critical of my work. So, when I look at Taimoor right now, there is so much I feel that’s missing and I can add in many scenes.

How the actor in Bilal has evolved in Balaa?

As an actor, I fe el I have gotten more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Now I also feel more confident about giving my opinion and discussing with my director and co-actors on how we should do a particular scene or dialogues for maximum impact.

Who is your fave co-star on the sets?

I am generally a very shy and a reserved person on sets - focusing or preparing for my next scenes between shots. Plus, I also have a happy go lucky attitude so, I end up becoming friends with everyone. – Editor