Gadgets to look forward to in 2019

There is much to look forward to and not just in terms of an unveiling of the new iPhone. A casual scroll through some tech websites unraveled things like 5G phones, foldable, 3D selfie cameras and that in itself has our adrenaline rushing. Forget retina recognition for phone locks, let’s accept we care most about camera options to enhance those selfies and make them look effortless, with lots of effort. In a nutshell, we can expect phones in coming year will also use more artificial intelligence and their software capabilities will keep growing.

Philips Smartsleep Headband

With this device you can considerable improve the quality of your sleep and help you make the most of your snooze. This gadget will help not only in recovery but also to restore brain cells as well as memory.

Google Home

A smart speaker the size of a humidifier, the Home packs surprisingly good sound, the omniscience of Google and an AI assistant that sounds more human than most others.

Microsoft Surface Go

The Surface Go is a charming, nifty tablet that – if you throw in the keyboard and pen, and own a half-decent pair of cans – gives you all you need from a PC on the move so that you can stay connected on the move on a screen bigger than your smartphone.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle was always a great idea, and with the Oasis (2017), it transitioned into the luxury space. But considering our attention span for anything longer than 280-characters continues to be questionable, the new lighter, waterproof and pocket-friendly Paperwhite is your best bet.

Polaroid 600 Camera 96

Nothing screams your retro-loving hipster status like a Polaroid camera slung around your neck as you sit at some Latin American café and muse about Warhol’s importance to photography. If, however, you want to put a finer point on it, get yourself one of these funky colourful editions of the trusty 600 cam: Then, your instrument can be as Intagrammable as the pictures you take.