Palm phone


Smartphone addiction is a real problem, maybe not first-class but if not dealt with now, will soon become one. Considering the amount of time we spent scrolling down social media and clicking selfies, all age groups alike, it is about time we developed a number of more disorders related to constant use of smartphones. This device was designed to target this problem and enable us to spend time offline but it turned into an epic fail because it was actually advertised as ‘less capable’. Here’s why it really failed. It brought back the idea of stepping out with two phones and having to pay the price of a primary phone and then a secondary phone. Truth be told, living with cellular addiction is cheaper. You can sync the Palm with another device which ensures that you will receive calls and texts on both the phones. Tagged at $349, the device can do a little more than an Apple Smartwatch but once again, primary intention of the creating a device like this one doesn’t pan out since you are carrying another phone on you anyway. Despite the low cost, the Palm has a face recognition, which is obviously not as good as the iPhone but pretty neat. Another reason why it failed is because we are so used to our super functional iPhones that downgrading to a minimal phone is just not working well with our muscle memory. The small battery capacity and the overall snail-pace of the phone just falls short of our iPhone trained hands.