Mahira Khan to star opposite Bilal Ashraf in Superstar

As if the status of a superstar was not enough, Mahira Khan has confirmed doing a film ‘Superstar’ where she will be appearing opposite heartthrob, Bilal Ashraf, for the first time.

In an exclusive conversation with Instep, Mahira revealed details about her character and the story of Superstar, being directed by Ehtishamuddin.

“It’s a romance in its essence, but it’s a story about faith, failure, success and two people who meet each other at a strange time, basically wanting the same thing out of life, but how they want it is very different.”

The film, which revolves around the subject of stardom in Pakistan, will show Mahira as an actress. The filmmakers, however, had roped in Mahira years before the film was officially announced and netizens were intrigued to find out more.

“It is a passion project. People ask me why I’ve taken it up, but I can’t help it, my heart’s in it,” she said in the interview.