Taiwan public helps pay £300,000 repair bill after driver crashes into four Ferraris

  • 12 Jan - 18 Jan, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
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It would take Lin Chin-hsiang 28 years to pay the repair bill at his current salary if he had not been helped out by well-wishers.

A Taiwanese man who drove a delivery van into a row of four parked Ferraris has had some of the repair bill paid by members of the public.

Lin Chin-hsiang, 20, who had been working all night, fell asleep at the wheel while making a delivery for his family's paper firm early morning.

He was facing a repair bill estimated by local media at 12m Taiwan dollars (£309,000), as his family's vehicle insurance policy only covers injuries not damages.

With a monthly salary of 35,000 Taiwan dollars (£900), it would take Mr Lin 28 years to pay the full cost of the repairs. But he has been spared that daunting hardship by well-wishing Taiwanese who were gripped by his predicament.

It is reported more than 100 donations have been made, raising around 740,000 Taiwan dollars (£19,000).