• 12 Jan - 18 Jan, 2019
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Woman in Great Britain seeking lost goldfish Dave

A woman in Great Britain is searching for leads on her missing pet, a goldfish she bought five years ago named Dave.

The woman, identified in the Swindon Advertiser as Tanya, has not seen the fish since last week. Dave shared his tank with three other fish and Tanya told the Advertiser she has ruled out the possibility her dogs, a shih tzu and Yorkshire terrier, ate Dave.

"Our fish tank has a lid on it," she said. "I've emptied the filter, moved all the stones in the tank. I've checked all around the kitchen, checked under the counters."

Dave's disappearance has inspired a Facebook page, called Finding Davo in homage of the hit 2003 animated film Finding Nemo, and a number of posters near her home in the Park North area of Swindon, west of London.

"This page is to find Davo the fish," one of the first posts on the Facebook page says. "There he was last night, swimming around in his tank minding his own business...and then wooosh...he's disappeared!”