Essence Of Eastern

The realm of the eastern glam returns, to breathe magic into sartorial craft. Keep things unsophisticated and chastely eastern with simplistic cuts and silhouettes. Allow soft colours of tea pink, light yellow and parrot green to manifest intricate embellishment and delicate hand embroidery. Necklines are kept round and simple, giving space to traditional jewelry to breath and spur its charm on the outfit. Traditional gharars are the highlight of the couture, with each pleat cascading down in embellished details. The hems of the floaty gharas with continuing patterns are woven by glinting gold threads. The strength of these festive attires cash on the power of being vintage and classic. Intricate finishing of the embroidery and gentle embellishments are easy on the eyes and sublime on the fabric. The jewelry features kundan drops and pearls which entice the traditional-loving woman in all of us.