Relationship advice from Priyanka

PeeCee is the cover girl for Vogue India's January issue. In an interaction with the fashion magazine, Priyanka revealed how she and her hubby Nick find time for each other in their busy schedule. She joked and said, "We Don't." Priyanka later added, "You have to try and accommodate and make time for each other, that's really important. We're both extremely working people and we both love our jobs. We're extremely big workaholics. But, at the same time we know we need to prioritize each other as well. So, we fly across the world, even if it's for a day and just meet each other. We do that while also prioritizing our jobs. I think both of us understand that about each other." When asked to describe Nick in three words, Priyanka said, "Husband, calm, and extremely loving."