How Much Does It Cost to Run a Blog?


For those of you who want to be anything but casual when it comes to blogging, there are certain costs that you have to know. Paying for the things listed here will help you to set yourself apart from the casual bloggers and reach success in the long run. So, let’s see how much it costs to run a blog.

Hardware Costs

Professionals handle blogging in a completely different manner than the casuals do. They usually use a reliable laptop, a decent webcam, quality microphone and a DSLR with a couple of additional lenses. Here is why you need it, what the entry level gear is and how much it costs.


Using the laptop as a blogger has many benefits over using a desktop computer. The main being, of course, is the mobility. You need something reliable, with a long battery life, HD screen, at least 8Gb RAM, at least an i5 processor and yet nothing too big or heavy.

Webcam and Microphone

Since the modern audience prefers to meet the person behind the blog, you will also need a decent webcam so that you can make some quick vlog posts while you are traveling.

DLSR and Lenses

If you want to add more value and uniqueness to your blog, you should consider taking your photos. The good entry level camera for bloggers is Nikon D3300 18-55mm VR Lens Kit. It packs everything you need, and it costs $450. 

Hosting Costs

There are many hosting companies online. You want to make sure to have your blog website hosted by a trusted company to avoid any inconveniences, such as frequent downtimes or poor customer support.

Domain Costs

The domain name is important, as it will be your blog name, thus tied to your brand identity. You can purchase a domain name from a registrar or a hosting company.

Design Costs

You have three options here. You can go with something completely custom-designed, specially tailored by professionals, and built from the ground up to meet your unique needs and requirements. The other choice is to go with WordPress and buy one of the favorite themes for blogging or get a theme and further modify it. There is one more factor that changes the price of the design process – and that is if the work is going to be done by a company or a freelancer.

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Happy blogging!