Vanessa Hudgens was extremely nervous to meet her ‘Second Act’ co-star J Lo

Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens will be seen sharing screen space in the upcoming comedy ‘Second Act’. It isn't surprising to know that Vanessa's nerves were on end as she had to act opposite the stunning mega star Jennifer Lopez. Recently, Vanessa revealed that she was extremely anxious to meet JLo and work with her on a film so much so that she lay down on the floor to calm herself down!

Playing opposite Lopez was a revelation for Hudgens. “When I came in to meet with Jennifer, I was so nervous that I actually laid down on the floor beforehand,” said the young actress.

“To just try to calm my nervous system. But as soon as I got into the room and started working with her, all the worries disappeared.”

“She’s all the things I wanted her to be. But even better. She is literally my ultimate role model.”

Directed by Peter Segal, the film stars Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, Treat Williams and Milo Ventimiglia.