Vasay Chaudhry no more a part of Punjab Cultural Advisory Council

Actor, writer and TV host Vasay Chaudhry has announced he will no longer be part of the Punjab Cultural Advisory Council which was formed three months ago to help formulate policies and legislation required for the development of arts and culture in the country.

In a series of tweets, Vasay expressed his dismay at lack of action by the Cultural Ministry on the council’s recommendations.

He went on to point out some of these propositions which included offering medical services to veteran artists and introducing a Lahore film festival with participants from various countries. It was also recommended to establish a film authority in Punjab which offers benefits (subsidies, permissions etc) to strengthen film production and revival of the film industry in Punjab.

Another key point was the re-structuring of the taxes on cinemas in Punjab along with suggestions to address the ‘cinema mafia’.

Other prominent members of the committee, which was formed by the minister for culture, include Shaan Shahid and Syed Noor.