Breakout Beauty Trends of 2019

Social media slates the beauty trends of the year, before any runway could
  • 19 Jan - 25 Jan, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Wake up your makeup! It’s 2019, and there’s no better way to start the year off than by adding an energizing jolt of neon into your beauty wardrobe. And from a quick glance at Instagram feeds over the last few weeks, it’s clear that fashion’s favorite It girls (and guys!) are already taking note of what’s predicted to be the year’s biggest beauty trend.

Slaying neon

First came millennial pink, then there was Gen-Z yellow and melodramatic purple, and now there's a new colour trend making the rounds: neon green. Or, perhaps for the sake of a catchier name, look-at-me green? Just throwing that title out there, because, when you enter a room with this highlighter hue literally no one will miss you walking by. And who heralded the neon green for the year? Yes, the ‘it’ girl of beauty. “Really into green these days,” wrote Kendall Jenner on Instagram, a flick of lime-color eyeliner alongside a verdant pair of statement earrings coloring the share allover electric.

Indigo dyed tresses

Or call it denim-blue. Kylie Jenner has also jumped on the bright bandwagon – by way of a shocking indigo dye job, of course. Jenner unveiled not one but two new hair colours over the time, first a super-bright fuchsia pink and then a cool metallic blue. Her latest blue hair selfie sent the internet crazy and this colour is set to be hugely popular as a result. From indigo to stonewash there are lots of options for you to find your perfect fit – denim blue hues complement a number of skin tones.

Paint me pink

And then there is the highlighter-pink hair, as seen on Japanese pop stars Amiaya, who showed off their twinning bubblegum pink blunt bobs in Florence. Cardi B also tried on a similarly radical, rosy hue, though the beauty chameleon took the magenta plunge one step further by matching her freshly dipped lengths to a set of brilliantly flushed lids.

Mixed Medium

Who says you need to settle on one nail trend? This year, mix things up by alternating shades, prints, and textures on each of your nails. Just keep in mind that you'll want to stick to hues that are in the same wheelhouse (like grays and whites) to keep the look intentional, not chaotic. And then there is the nail trend of slime green nails. The nail polish colors that used to live permanently in your drugstore's reject aisle are officially taking over. Whether you're on board or not, slime-green hues will be everywhere come 2019, especially in the form of elevated French manicures.