21 Pictures Of An Arizona Desert Snowstorm As A Winter Wonderland

  • 19 Jan - 25 Jan, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
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A layer of crisp, powdery snow makes everything just a little more magical – especially when it's in a desert.

Something fairly unusual happened in the Southwestern Sonoran Desert as the year 2018 gave way to 2019: there was a substantial desert snowstorm.

The National Weather Service reported six inches of snow at the south rim of Arizona's Grand Canyon. Other areas – like Los Alamos New Mexico – received up to 20 inches.

Whatever the reason for the desert snowstorm, it lends an air of enchantment to the otherwise dusty desert landscape. Residents scrambled outdoors, capturing the juxtaposition of crisp white snow on cacti – and other unusual sightings.

Visitors to the Grand Canyon had the rare treat of seeing snowy peaks and a blanket of powdery snow which was perfect for reflecting the light of those glorious sunsets it's known for.