Trends to Warm up - to this Winter

To get the ball rolling on your perfect winter wardrobe, we bring you the ultimate guide to men’s winter fashion this chilly season. Here is helping you rug up and rock out without looking like you were dressed by an amateur stylist!

Cardigans for a Casual Look

There is no better winter all-rounder than a causal cardigan. You don’t need to be a granddad to rock a great cardy, a good find is an essential men’s winter wardrobe staple. Opt for a more modern look by getting something with a thick weave, coloured in a neutral tone, and match it with casual clothes and sneakers. If you don’t own a shawl-collar cardigan, you should invest in one this winter. No other knitwear is more versatile: its collar makes it the only style that works with T-shirts, shirts or polos, for everyone.

Shrug into a Mac coat

Named so after the company who coined their now iconic shape, Mackintosh, it’s hard to beat a Mac coat for dry versatility in winter. While Mac coats have a pretty good warmth-factor, it’s their ability to break the breeze and keep the rain off your (obviously dashing) outfit underneath that makes them a huge menswear trend for winter. Not only Macs are a great way to beat the elements without being puffy or padded as you’ll be able to pair it up with any look. Go for a neutral colour and you are good to go.

Ribbed Knitwear for warmth

Knits aren’t for everybody, it’s true, but the best way to experiment with some wooly winter wear is to look beyond the colour or cut and go for something with a textured weave. A simple ribbed weave is an obvious men’s winter fashion trend, as it’s warmer than other styles, and looks pretty darn good when paired with the right outfit, too. Whether you’re a V-neck or crew neck guy, owning some quality knitted sweaters during Winter is essential. Instead of reaching for a jumper or hoodie ,layer them over your button-up shirts and under your sports/jackets and blazers to keep from looking sloppy this seaoson.

Battle the Breeze with Beanies

You’d need to have rocks in your heads to go through winter without a couple of beanies on hand. Cold rocks. A beanie is your ticket to warm ears and a better outfit once the mercury drops, and is an essential men’s winter fashion trend to pull off the hat stand every year. If you don’t have the kind of mum who knits you a freshie every May then source one elsewhere. Your ears will thank you. When selecting a beanie go for a classic cuffed one, but for the bolder: give the Fisherman beanie style a go in a brighter colour such as red or orange.

Winter Commando Boots

Boots are a good idea all year around, but their ability to not just keep your feet warm, but dry too (once the rains are here) makes them a staple wardrobe accessory, and a common men’s winter fashion trend. Make sure you have at least one pair of dressy kickers on hand for those smart-casual occasions, and a pair of solid hiking numbers for when the going gets tough, and you need to splash in puddles.