Karachi Police have launched P4U

Following the footsteps of KPK police, the Karachi police have also decided to take a step towards technology by launching a new app called Police 4 U. The app has been launched in order to provide immediate support to the citizens of Karachi.

According to Inspector General of Police Karachi, Dr. Ameer Ahmed Sheikh, the people of the city will now be able to lodge their complaints directly with the police using the app. They can also seek help of the police directly through the app.

AIGP Karachi also added that he wanted to get rid of the Thana Culture that has plagued the city for decades in order to provide support at the very doorstep of the citizens.

This isn’t where the police are going to stop. They are going to launch another app for complaints that will help citizens lodge complaints against the police to ensure transparency in the department.

The app is currently available on android. It works similarly to the app developed by KPK police. The real aim of the app is to help citizens easily lodge a complaint with the police in order to receive immediate help.