How to Search and Replace Text in WordPress


WordPress doesn’t allow you to search and replace text in an easy way, but we’re about to show you free plugins which can save you from manually deleting hundreds, if not thousands of typographical errors.

Search and replace any text in WordPress and save time when editing posts.

Yes, PHP and MySQL are powerful tools which can solve these kinds of things with just a few lines of code or queries. But not all of us are coders nor comfortable messing with code. So we’ll just skip that and show you the easy way of handling search and replace in WordPress.

Search and replace text in the post editor

Just like in many text processors you might have been using (like Microsoft Word, for example), you might want to search and replace text in WordPress editor. Since you’re reading this, you probably discovered the downside of WP editor – it doesn’t come with such feature. As we already told you in the introduction, we’re about to show you a neat plugin for the job.

Search and replace text throughout WordPress

Sometimes, you realise that you’ve been making a grammatical mistake for days. Maybe you have been misspelling something, maybe a service you were mentioning changed its name, or maybe you need to update an URL. Don’t worry; you can change that easily, and you won’t have to run MySQL queries to fix the problem.

Better Search Replace

As promised, here’s another free plugin which will save you. Since you want to replace something throughout the entire WordPress system, this plugin will allow you to work with databases – without having to open or modify a database by hand.

The installation of the plugin is standard and quick. After you activate Better Search Replace plugin, the fun can begin. Before you make any changes, please create a backup of your database.

Replace word on WordPress website

Since you’re already using a WordPress blogging platform, renowned for its extensions (plugins) which allow you to do practically anything, this problem stops being a problem at all. Now you can install a free plugin and manage word changes in just a few clicks.

Word Replacer

The plugin we’re talking about is known as Word Replacer and you can install it for free by downloading the plugin from the WordPress repository website or you can find the plugin by searching it from your WordPress:

• Navigate to Plugins -> Add New

• Search for “Word Replacer”

• Install and activate the plugin

• Open settings page where you can replace words with a single click.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to quickly enter a word or the entire phrase which you want to replace, choose another one which will be added instead of the original word/phrase and you can decide where those changes will occur.

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