Top 5 Bollywood Family Fights

There are many Bollywood family feuds that have grabbed headlines over the years. Here are some of the most famous Bollywood family fights that shocked fans

1. Sanjay Dutt Vs His Sisters

The trouble started brewing when Sanjay Dutt's sisters were opposed to his marriage to Maanyata Dutt. Sanjay didn’t inform them of the wedding and tied the knot secretly. Sanju’s sisters Priya and Namrata, who had always supported him throughout his troubled life, felt slighted and even said to the media that they had no clue about his marriage. The feud continued for a while but over the years, the relationship has improved and now things are normal between the families.

2. Amisha Patel vs Her Parents

Amisha Patel sued her parents for financial mismanagement and alleged that approximately INR 12 crores were mismanaged. This happened during the time when she was deeply involved with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. Not only were they opposed to the relationship, they even felt he was instigating her against them. They completely denied the allegations and Ameesha and her parents weren’t on talking terms for years. The case was finally settled out in court.

3. Aamir Khan vs His Father Tahir Hussain

Aamir Khan always had a very tumultuous relationship with his father. Their relationship soured after Tahir Hussain left Aamir Khan's mother and married for the second time. Tahir Hussain also challenged Aamir’s custody application of his brother Faissal and won it. It is known that before his death in 2010, the relationship between them had improved.

4. Kajol vs Rani Mukerji:

For a long time, the two cousin sisters have not been seen together in public. They weren’t close despite being related though there hasn’t been any public fight as such. They don't speak about each other and till date, they are seen at their family Durga Puja on alternate days. However, it is not known why they exactly don't see eye to eye.

5. The Kapoor Family Feud

It is a well-known fact that none of the Kapoor girls was allowed to work in the film industry but one of the bahus, Babita Kapoor revolted against the family order. She apparently walked out of the Kapoor family vowing to make her daughters, actresses. Kareena and Karisma Kapoor broke the rule and they became hugely popular After Babita’s divorce from Randhir, she kept far away from the rest of the Kapoor clan though, over the years, the relationship has improved. Now, the Kapoors are often seen together on festivals and special occasions.