Happy Glass


Want to churn those wheels in your head with a mind-boggling app that keeps you thinking and learning on the go? Just like everything these days, there’s an app for this too. It lets you draw a line to direct water to flow into a glass and fill it up to complete a level. The game is easy to learn and play. It takes only a few seconds to solve a puzzle especially in the beginning stages and see your result in animation that looks real. But as you move on, the puzzles get harder to solve. You probably have to think out of the box to find a good solution when there are more elements introduced into the puzzles. Happy Glass can give you hours of entertainment as it has 300 levels of puzzles to unlock with even more to come soon. Available for Android and App store, Happy Glass is fun, challenging and addictive to play with some basic knowledge of physics and gravity in mind. Exercise your brain while you have time to kill with this unique charming puzzle game.

Android: 4 Stars