• 26 Jan - 01 Feb, 2019
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Next day’s evening, Kennedy and Billy were having dinner. They were waiting for someone to show up. Billy however spoke:

“Cornelius was supposed to give us our share yesterday.”

“Yes, and that liar didn’t even show up. Didn’t even answer our calls.”

“And that’s what’s really bothering me. What are his intentions? This thought has been driving me crazy.”

“His intentions are not good,” Kennedy spoke firmly. “But I do know how to earn my right. We are not going to let him get away like this.

We will extract what’s our, our own way.”

“You’re right. We have to.”

They ate for a bit without talking. Billy asked after a while:

“Where is Nicholas by the way?”

“I don’t know I think he has been following Ashton or Cornelius.”

“That’s what he does, all the time. He goes beyond limits to find the truth.”

“Exactly, and we should be thankful to him for that.”

They heard the doorbell. Kennedy guessed:

“Must be Nicholas.”

Billy stood up and went to answer the gate after keeping his plates in the washing sink.

As Billy opened the door, he saw Ashton and Cornelius standing together wearing somewhat similar clothes. Billy was a bit surprised and said:

“You guys?”

“We’re coming inside,” Ashton spoke pushing Billy aside gently.

Billy wasn’t expecting them, which was why he was confused about how to respond.

Minutes later, the doorbell rang again. The four gangsters were already in the room sitting on separate sofas. Kennedy stood up and went to answer the gate.

As Kennedy unlocked the door, the door pushed open by Nicholas. He walked straight towards the room where they all were seated. He knew

that two guests had arrived and he had to be in the room.

A minute later, as they all were in the room, Nicholas who was standing began: “Alright, guys come straight to the point. We don’t want to waste any more time.”

“Good,” Ashton commented and looked at Cornelius. “Now it’s your turn.”

Cornelius stood up looking at him and then turned his face towards Kennedy and Billy. He stated: “Alright, guys the plan is simple. There is a large bungalow of Mr Jacob Cain.”

Nicholas’ eyes opened wide. Kennedy and Billy also paid close attention to hearing the name. “This guy Jacob...” Cornelius continued, “owns the painting stolen from Switzerland. He has kept it in his house somewhere. We have no idea about where but its somewhere there. Now we need at least four men inside the house. We shall scatter and divide our areas. In our respective areas, we have to find that painting like dogs. We’ll have to sniff it and find out. It can be behind any curtain or any wall.”

“So there might be a secret button that would open the walls?” Billy suggested.

“It might be. It is possible. We have to, by all means, get our hands over it and snatch it away from him.”

“Wait a minute” Nicholas stopped him walking in front of him. “Just like that? Won’t there be any security or something like that?”

“There will be. There will be more than ten gunmen who might shoot anyone of us. But let me remind you guys that this painting is worth several billion euros. Not dollars, euros!”

Oh my God, Kennedy uttered hearing this.

“So you guys…” Cornelius continued, “…understand the risk involved?”

“What about the cops?” Nicholas asked him. “Won’t they show up if any alarm rings?”

“The alarm system is not attached with the painting itself.” Ashton answered him. “The alarm would only ring if someone breaks into the house without permission.”

“So how on earth are we going to enter inside then?” Nicholas asked spontaneously leaving his partners eager for an answer.

“Cornelius will answer this query. Since he is the leader of Plan B.”

Cornelius looked at Ashton controlling his anger and replied to Nicholas: “Don’t worry about it, I know a way to break in”

“And when are we finally carrying out this heist?” Billy asked.

“Well Bill,y” Cornelius replied turning his face towards Billy, “the thing is that we need fake identity cards and other stuff. While acquiring these, it might take more than one month.”

“More than one month?”

“Yes, more than one month.”


Six Weeks Later

The five crime partners were standing together outside some large bungalow, next to their wagon. They all were looking at the entrance of the gate. Except Cornelius, they all were wearing long lab coats. Ashton claimed:

“It all ends today if our plan goes successfully”.

“I don’t think we all will survive” Nicholas spoke clearly.

“Not with that attitude”

“Anyways” Cornelius started speaking, “you all know your parts and your respective areas. I am the driver this time and I shall be waiting outside in the wagon.” Nicholas took out his handgun and said:

“And whoever tries to double cross this time, I shall shoot him”

“Indeed” Ashton replied taking out his gun.

After a few moments of silence, they all started to walk except Cornelius. He was meant to stay by the car. He saw four of them

walking towards the bungalow’s gate. As they all were at some distance from him, he took out his cell phone and called Linda. Linda answered his call after two rings:

“Hello, Cornelius?”

“Hey, how are you?”

“Where have you been since two days?”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t contact you. But let me assure you that tonight everything shall be over. You and I, we’ll be millionaires.”

In the meanwhile, Nicholas, Kennedy and Billy were walking separately and Ashton was walking separately from them. Nicholas said to his two partners:

“I know about the traitor in the gang. And I know what you guys won’t believe.”

“Tell us.” Kennedy urged.

“Not now, after the robbery.”

“Come on, tell us? Who is betraying us?”

“There’s one guy who is” Nicholas replied turning his head back and looking at Cornelius. “But don’t worry, I won’t let him”

Kennedy and Billy remained silent as they got a hint.

Ashton stood in front of the guards and took out a fake identity card that looked quite original. As one of them looked at his card, he spoke:

“I’m Dr Zack from Health Insurance.”

“Oh yeah,” the guard replied. “Mr Jacob is expecting you.”

“Wait,” the other guard spoke stopping Ashton from walking inside. Ashton looked at him waiting for him to speak. The guard asked:

“What is your name again?”

“Dr Zack Finnegan.”

“Mr Jacob is expecting a health insurance officer but he didn’t

mention this name.”

Nicholas said to Kennedy and Billy:

“There’s something wrong I think. Let’s go and find out.”

The guard took out his cell phone and dialled some number. He said to Ashton:

“Mr Jacob knows the doctor’s name. If he’ll agree with this name then I’ll let you in.”

The other three crime partners followed up. Ashton was a bit tensed as it appeared to him that it was difficult to enter inside. Jacob was not answering the guard’s call. Ashton spoke trying to change the situation:

“Alright, I think I must leave.”

“No” the same guard stopped him. “Okay fine, you may come inside.” Ashton held his briefcase tightly and walked inside through the gate. As Nicholas and others tried to follow him, both guards stopped them.

One of the guards asked:

“Why are you three coming with him?” “They are with me!” Ashton said to the guards.

“No. They all can’t come inside. Take only one along.”

“Look, sir,” Ashton said politely, “it is really important that they all come along with me. Or else we won’t be able to get our job done”.

After a little argument, they finally convinced the guards and they all entered inside.

The four men kept on walking towards the house. They all separated and entered inside the house through different doors and even windows.

Meanwhile outside the bungalow’s gate, Cornelius who was waiting in the vehicle and feeling bored. He turned on the radio. Some news

channel was on. He was listening to the news that was somewhat relevant to the murder committed by Ashton a few months ago inside the mall.

Back inside the bungalow, the four gangsters had entered inside. Kennedy and Billy had entered through open windows. Ashton was standing with Jacob inside the house who had allowed him to enter inside not knowing who he really was. And Nicholas had entered through the back door opening its lock through screwdriver.

Now, Kennedy, Billy and Nicholas had dispersed and they were focused on searching the painting. Billy went straight towards the storeroom and opened its door. He went inside holding his torch and searched thoroughly. Mr Jacob took Ashton to his room while talking to him. Ashton replied to all his queries: “I will ask a few questions and I’ll need your signatures and then we’re done.”

“Good,” Mr Jacob replied shutting his room’s door.

Nicholas was opening the cabinets inside the kitchen until he heard someone coming. As he saw the chef entering inside, he rushed towards him and jumped over him hitting his head with his own head. The chef was knocked out completely. Kennedy was inside some toilet and he was looking for a clue thoroughly holding his gun in his hand. Meanwhile, at Jacob’s room, Ashton saw him walking towards the opposite direction, so he called out his name:

“Hey, Jacob!”

Jacob turned and looked at him surprisingly. Ashton ran and then slipped with his right leg forward aiming towards Jacob’s knee. Ashton crashed over him breaking his left knee brutally through his foot.

Jacob fell down and screamed in pain. Ashton sat up and punched him hard on his face. Jacob fell backwards almost unconscious.

Downstairs, Nicholas was dragging the chef’s body and hiding it somewhere behind the kitchen’s door. He was holding a piece of cloth.

He inserted that cloth inside the unconscious chef’s mouth.

At the second floor, Billy who reached the balcony’s door was about to open it but he saw a window next to the door that was hidden through curtains. He opened the curtains and his eyes opened out wide.

Kennedy, who was looking behind the LED TV at some different room, felt his cell phone ringing. He answered the call seeing Billy’s

caller ID:

“Yes Billy”

“Kennedy, come quickly to the balcony of the second floor.”

“Is everything ok?”

“Just come here quickly” Billy spoke as if getting panicked.

“Ok ok, I’m coming.”

Mr Jacob who was lying on the ground asked Ashton:

“Who are you? What do you want from me?”

“My name is Ashton Flair,” Ashton replied standing up looking at his face. “I’m John Flair’s son”

Terrified Jacob replied immediately:

“Hey, I did not kill your father. Nor did I had to do anything with your mother”

Ashton took out his handgun and loaded it.

“I’m sure you didn’t” he taunted.

As Kennedy rushed and finally reached where Billy asked him to, he saw Billy standing and staring at something. Kennedy walked and looked at what Billy was touching. It was the painting. It was wrapped with


“Oh my God,” Kennedy uttered.

“What do you think? Is this really the painting?” “Well this was the design Cornelius showed us”

“Should we take it out.?”

“What do you mean by taking it out?” “Well it’s attached to this wire” Billy replied showing him a wire through which the painting was attached.

“Oh, well let me handle it”

Kennedy took out a knife from his pocket and started cutting the wire through it.

Ashton aimed his gun toward Jacob and was about to press the trigger. Jacob pleaded:

“Don’t kill me, please. I can make up to you.”

“Just what I wanted you to do.” Ashton replied liking his plea.

As Kennedy finally cut off the wire, a loud and disturbing alarm began to ring. Billy and Kennedy both got alert realizing what caused the alarm.

Nicholas who was downstairs looked behind as he heard the alarm and realized something had gone wrong.

Ashton also stopped as he heard the loud alarm. Jacob looked at him and spoke:

“You can keep that painting. Just don’t kill me please.”

Ashton looked at the door behind and thought of escaping somehow.

Billy yelled:

“What should we do? Should we take it?” “Let’s just pick it and go”

They both saw a camera that appeared from the top side of the window and it started capturing several pictures flashing out lights.

“Oh my Go.d” Kennedy uttered. “It has captured our pictures now” Billy took out his gun and shot four bullets consecutively on the camera. “Let’s go now” Kennedy suggested picking up the heavy painting. Outside the bungalow in the wagon, Cornelius who just heard the alarm asked:

Is something wrong?

Nicholas ran towards the exit of the house. He saw Billy and Kennedy coming down through the stairs holding the painting. Nicholas ran towards them to help them. Jacob was shot dead and Ashton left the room. He jumped over from the first floor’s railing and landed safely on the ground floor. He saw

his partners holding the painting and walking towards the exit.

“Good job,” he said to them taking out his two handguns. “You guys run towards the wagon. I will fight the guards and other men.”

“Ok” Nicholas replied.

Cornelius came out of the car and thought of going in. He saw that the guards were not standing outside which meant that they had gone inside. He waited outside as he heard several gunshots. He took out his gun just in case. More and more gunshots were heard. Cornelius felt worried thinking what if his own partners were getting shot. Minutes later, he saw Billy and Kennedy coming towards him holding the painting together. He rushed towards the wagon and opened its back door. He then sat inside the vehicle and turned the engine on. Kennedy

fell on his way but Billy managed to hold the painting and safely putting it inside the wagon. He told Cornelius: “Nicholas just got shot.” The wagon started moving and Cornelius left the place accelerating the speed of

the vehicle. He left all his partners behind.