Letters To The Editor

“The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything... or nothing.” – Nancy Astor

Historic judgment by Supreme Court

In a historic judgment by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, jirgas have been declared illegal throughout the country. The event has been backed by a long history of women’s movement behind this judgment. It took over 10 long years to mobilise this judgment and put it into execution. It is clarified that jirgas can mediate in civil matters between two parties but cannot step into any criminal case like penalising couples for marrying of their free will or stoning to death people or resort to ordering shameful acts like ordering the rape of an alleged criminal’s womenfolk or giving them in wani. Hopefully, Supreme Court will continue taking big steps towards eradicating evil and injustice systems.

Resham Kamran,

The menace of child labour

Children are our future to build a strong nation. Ironically, in Pakistan, 22.84 million children are still out of school. And according to a survey conducted by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, out of the estimated 40 million children, 19 million are bond to work as child laborers. This is a heart shattering that rather than focusing on the development and betterment of our children, they are being used as a labours. We have laws to minimise child labour but due to callous attitude of as a whole nation, we are unable to implementation of laws. I request the present government will make eradicate child labour in the pursuit of Naya Pakistan.

Rehan Asad,

Organ harvesting

The World Health Organization released a chilling report which stated that Pakistan is among those countries where sale of human organs is on the rise. Such practices are thriving specially in Punjab and Sindh with most of the business depending upon labours who used to sell their organs at very nominal price and from children who were kidnapped by human traffickers. Fueled by a cycle of poverty and debt, this black market has flourished for years with traffickers preying on the poorest – many of them laborers who have helped the region prosper but have been paid a pittance in return. There is no official data on the number of people who have sold their kidneys in Pakistan, but some officials estimate that there could be at least 1,000 victims every year. This grave matter is not only the concern of the Health Minister or the Human Rights Minisiter, infact every member of the government is vested with the accountability to delve into this heinous crime.

Hajra Aslam,

Promote recycling

A lot has been said and written about recycling and extensive efforts have also been made to promote the act. Our country is still in dire need to combat pollution and conserve resources and in order to achieve such objectives, recycling should be avidly practiced. Concerned authorities should also organise campaigns to educate commoners about recycling and its benefits. Local brands should also be encouraged to promote recycling by using biodegradable bags and recycled materials.

Ahmed Awan,