Graffiti me!

MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

Graffiti has made a major upgrade from the city walls and seeped into fashion. And we are loving it. Here is how you can cash the trend as it sears and soars high. 

1- A multicolored leatherette pick from the high-street collection. The wallet channels back-to-school girly vibes with its graffiti design, and we love it. 

2- Keep the sun at bay with these mega shades with quirky writing on its cat eye rims.

3- Can’t have enough of these ‘Rung party’ themed Ray Bans – just the spatter of colours with needed to brighten up our day. 

4- Marker graffiti over a crisp white watch – strap it on to set out in style. 

5- Swing these trendy earrings, showing a flaire for the arts and graphics. 

6- Balenciaga released their newest edition of graffiti-chic shoes and we are here for it!

7- Graffitify your phone with these cool phone cases. 

8- Live and breathe the Italian spirit with this Dolce & Gabbana creation which reflects the brand’s ode to its graphitized city. 

9- Graffiti inspiration has reached the handbags, and this one says it all for us.

10- Throw some chic, with this Alexander McQueen scarf which is plethora of bright.