John Abraham

A quirky chat with

The Bollywood star had to answer with the first thing that came to his mind, and he had fun with it

What’s the strangest thing you find annoying about other people?


What bad manners do you dislike the most?

When people let out bad air.

What is your strangest, wimpiest fear?

That a shark is going to bite me one day.

What is the most annoying song you can think of right now?

Half the Hindi songs.

What can someone do to really impress you?

Be themselves, that’s it.

What is the cutest animal that you absolutely cannot stand?

Human beings

What is the creepiest, scariest creature that you love?

I love alligators. I want to adopt an alligator, I wanna hug an alligator. I find them very cute and I love hippos as well.