Pakistan’s first sustainable FashionTech app

Pakistan’s first sustainable and transferable FashionTech is here! HyperSalon is an app-based salon and spa service provider, exclusively for women, by professional hair stylists and makeup artists, stated a press release.

Being a technology company, HyperSalon pairs a helper with a stylist, so they may earn and learn on the job and become professionals over a period of time.

The payout and technology beats comparable apps like Uber and Careem and the vision is to take Hyper Salon Technology to the women of the world.

The android technology enables clients to reach stylists on demand. The HyperSalon android app is available on Google’s PlayStore. Users can download them free now as Hyper Salon – HS Clients and Hyper Salon Stylist – HS Professional Stylists.

You can now download the app and receive over 45 salon and spa services in the comfort of your home.