Pakistani wildlife photograph wins Best of Nation Award at the World Photographic Cup 2019

The beautiful, colourful chirping of birds has always been a cheerful sight for many. The same cheerful birds inspired Tariq Hameed Sulemani to pick up his camera and capture these beautiful beings.

His passion has made him and his country proud as his recent photograph submitted at the World Photographic Cup 2019 has won the Best of Nation Award 2019.

World Photographic Cup has entrants from all over the world competing for the best photographs.

Sulemani was born and raised in Jahanian, a town near Multan. He spends hours in the green fields looking for wildlife near his hometown. He has always been moved by the beauty of Nature.

Sulemani easily done 12 solo shows around the world including few in the UK, Sweden, and U.S and more.