SSE - Universal Encryption


Keeping your sensitive information safe and secure helps minimize risks of data theft. Secure Developer reviewed and recently gives you a way to keep your personal data in a sandbox on your mobile device for additional security and privacy, but your data leaves your device when you are sending out messages or files that contain private and sensitive information. One of the best ways in this case is to encrypt your confidential files or messages with strong passwords before you share them with others. Among many encryption tools that are available from the Google Play store, SSE Universal Encryption app, offered by Paranoia Works meets this need. It offers multiple tools in one app, comprising File/Directory Encryptor, Text Encryptor, Password Vault, Password Generator and Clipboard Cleaner. Several key components of the app are also made available in cross-platform desktop versions (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) and online web-based versions for free.

Android: 4 Stars