Zaid Ali bashes Sham Idrees

YouTube Scuffle

Vlogger Zaid Ali, renowned for his hilarious short videos on social media, recently gave a piece of his mind to another vlogger couple Shaam Idrees and Froggy over a recent video on their YouTube channel. The video titled ‘I Want A Baby - Prank’ was about having a baby after Nikkah and before Rukhsati which is considered a taboo in conservative societies.

In the video, Froggy who recently got Nikkahfied to Shaam pulled a prank on Sham telling him that she wants a baby before the rukhsati. In the 10-minute vlog, Froggy is trying to convince Sham that as per Islamic laws they are married and can have a baby before Rukhsati as that is just a social tradition. After much resistance, at last Sham gives in. That’s when she finally reveals that she was just playing a prank on him.

Zaid got really pissed on seeing the vlog trend and took to twitter to express his disappointment over the poor content being produced by some vloggers.

“I am fed up of this. How long is this going to go on for? Is this the type of content we have come down to? We have such talented content creators in Pakistan.. yet this is the type of content which is trending. I have no words,” Zaid wrote.

Other than Zaid, the vlog was also heavily criticized by other social media users as well. Shaam and Froggy have so far remained mum on Zaid’s tweet. Let’s see how they respond to this backlash.