With 2019 just a month old now, very unsurprisingly the fashion universe has already pinned many trends to its chest. Here is looking at the top #trendingnow fashion bits, both on Instagram and the street style gram!

Low, square neckline

Borrowed from the Victorian times, the low square neckline is flattering, particularly for those of us without long swan necks. Many big brands have been a part of its contemporary resurgence, but there are an abundance of them lately, and all of them, mercifully, without the constricting bones and laces of actual corsets!

Mega lens

Mega-lens sunglasses have landed. You call it a reaction to the micro-lenses that have swept the streets, now the dial has turned 180-degrees with larger than life shapes from Gucci and Tom Ford. The trend has been attested as chic as flaunted by icons like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Transparently, yours

Throwback trend from the past year, see-through totes, cross bodies, and bucket bags are still going strong into 2019. If you're willing to get candid with the contents of your purse (who cares if you carry three shades of lipsticks, gum, coins, and every receipt under the sun) now is the time to fetch some transparency.

Back to Black

Recommending a potentially quite cold and corporate black leather handbag purchase as one of your key styles may sound a little rogue, but it’ll be the most elegant punctuation to that bells and whistles must-have crotchet dress you’ll be wanting to slip into. And really these are no ordinary everyday handbags, gold logo clasped is the way to go – Celine’s Triomphe in shiny calfskin, Chloé’s C Double Carry, and Valentino’s VRING with an added red tag flag are hitting our wishlists!

High Rise

Platform heels are set to dominate the party scene alongside offerings by brands like Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, and Maison Margiela. But it wasn’t just the heels getting an extra lift this season, ‘Geta’ sandals were also spotted on the runway. The traditional Japanese shoe with its block elevated sole is worn as protection against the elements, which is telling preparation for another summer rocked by climate change.

Feathered shoes

Feathers, feathers everywhere. This season, the abundance of fluff – from trims on cuffs to all-over – took on a new form of peacocking. But it was the feather shoe that was the stand-out buy, gently fluttering at the season’s runway, where chunky leather sandals are already topping the trends.

Boiler suits

Boiler suits make for the fashion attire which coincides with the current workwear mood for chunky trainers, belt bags and roomy denim, they are quickly being elevated to trend status. In many ways, they are the epitome of fashion meets function, making for a statement outfit contained within one item of clothing. More recently, it’s been spotted on a whole host of A-listers from Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to Victoria Beckham, and successfully infiltrated the runway.

Print me, over and over

Fashion’s preoccupation with florals is inexhaustible but for 2019 it’s nearing saturation point: now, prints should be worn all-over, clashed merrily and madly with little concern for what goes with what. Big brands are setting the tone in with pieces that are mixed phosphorescent hues with collections of collections fused with immaculate tailoring silhouettes and shouty print-splattered dresses.

Coloured Tailoring

The easiest way to energise your wardrobe? Take your tailoring in joyful tutti frutti shade. Runways saw a major upheaval in saturated shades of mimosa and citrus. Optic white shoes are the footwear match of choice to pair with them. With such abundance comes infinite variations – and, for the current season, we saw a veritable rainbow appear. The new word in tailoring? The bolder, the better. So, whether you prefer lilac moiré or sunshine yellow; minty crepe or pastel pink, if you’re suit-ing, make sure its colourful.