Difference Between a Blog Title and a Blog Domain Name 


But when you decide it is time to give your blog a name, you have to know the differences that confuse many beginners.

Blog Title

When you get an idea for a blog, you will probably have a title in mind. This can be anything you want, and you don’t have to check the Internet for the availability. For example, if your name is John and you are starting a food blog, the title of your blog can be something as simple as “John’s Food Blog” (we hope you have some better ideas than we do).

Blog Domain Name (URL)

Before you can get to show your blog to the public, you will need a great hosting company that will take care of your site. This is the place where your files will be located. But you will also need to register a domain name that will be assigned to your website.

Think of the domain name as the address of your blog. Just like your house has a unique street name and number that identifies it, your blog has to have a unique address as well. This address will allow everyone on the Internet (both people and machines) to recognize your blog by its unique location (the domain name).

Unlike the blog title that can be changed anytime and won’t have much impact on the site, the domain name is something you will want to keep forever. Everything that you do with your blog will be assigned to that domain name, so changing it would actually mean a new start. And that’s not something you will want to do after years of working hard on the blog. For example, if someone else linked back to your blog, and you changed the domain name, that link would stop working and a person who clicked to get on your site would end up on an empty page showing an error.

So, it is important to choose a domain name you really like and want from the very beginning.

Summing it up

While both the Blog Title and Domain Name are important, there are clearly huge differences. Both names are used to identify a blog, but the blog title can be easily changed at any moment while the domain name isn’t something you should alter (in rare cases, people do change their URLs but that’s not something you should worry at this point).

A blog title is just a name that’s used for the blog identification, and a domain name is the address of your blog that will be used both by humans and search engines to recognize your site in the swarm of other blogs found online.

Coming up with a blog title and domain name that will identify you on the internet isn’t an easy task. It takes time and imagination to get something interesting and yet unique. After you’ve selected and purchased your domain name, make sure to promote your blog by using the right hashtags on social networks like Instagram so you could get tons of likes and start to earn money with your blog.

If you’re still struggling with finding a domain name for your blog, just take a look at blog name generators sites that will help you by suggesting ideas and checking for domain name availability.

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Happy blogging!