Roohi Bano - Born to Play Roles!

Arguably the best female TV artiste that our country has produced, Roohi remains a great artiste that has an eternal recall factor. She was adjudged as the finest and versatile artiste of our television by the audiences. But, what made her such a complicated person?

The fact is that Roohi was a rare character. She was born to play roles. She wasn’t meant to be herself!

To understand her, you have to realise that she only lived on the screen. She was brilliantly organised on the screen. Even while playing herself in Hasina Moin’s Kiran Kahani. That did not happen off screen. She wasn’t able to look you in the face; her eyes wandered all over. Psychologically, she seemed to fit the schizophrenia symptoms. Roohi was like Marilyn Monroe, who was always made-up and playing her glamorous roles, but failed to show what she was actually like in real life. Nobody saw Marilyn’s tears. The only difference with Roohi was that instead of Marilyn’s manufactured cool, she was too nervous to look cool. There was too much wrong inside her to stay steady.

Men, who like to play with working girls, approached her. Despite a degree in psychology, Roohi failed to judge them, and gave herself over to a semblance of romance. She wasn’t a flirt, but overlooked a flirt when approached. Roohi was unable to unravel her own metabolism. Sadly, like an episode of Twilight Zone, she could not break out of the screen life. She was born sewed into Globalization. Everywhere she looked inside herself, the mirror multiplied her screen image. She couldn’t see her real self in this outer visage.

Whoever was behind this screen image didn’t give her a way out of this maze!