Who Are These People? - Singers, Actors & Newscasters!

Why don’t we have such a show as Britain’s Got Talent, or something like it? Every country has that. With beastly Globalization in tow, every Zaid, Bakar is making his way onto the screen! At least talent hunt shows sift through husk, but under present system, all you need to do is make a good video.

For around fifteen months, we have been cornered to feast our eyes on a chap, whose unkempt facial hair has been zoomed in for no rhyme or reason! Even before his song begins, his teeth come into focus, which, I must admit, are no sight for sore eyes! Then, at last, after inter-cutting on his facial hair and dentures a few times, the song begins, and that, again, is no ear candy! Add another aspect to the misery, the lyrics look like being borrowed from the local Eid-card-maker!

With 8XM the only other choice, if you don’t want to watch a discussion on Pushto 1 (why is a music channel showing talk shows?), you have to wait before the nerdy act finishes. Then you return to the music, and what do you get? Aik aur sahab aatey hain, who is a grown up fellow, yet bachchon kee tarah keeps making waves with his hand, and dancing! Next? Yep, another fellow, sitting on a charpai, trying to move his face from right to left and ooper se neeche, as he sings! Arey bhai, you simply sing the songs, the models will act this out. But when you look at the models, you change the channel!

Once there, on the next channel that is, you find a fellow announcing a news item at the top of his voice. As he ends his broadcast, the camera cartwheels to the female, who then starts walking across the floor to the remotest square on the floor. By the time you reach that point, a breaking news is announced and the camera swings to the other corner, with a glitzy look: she says, “Policewalon ne shadi mein hawai firing kar dee. Nazreen, breaking news de rahey hain ke Malir mein policewalon ne…”

Buss, insan sar peet le! Can you watch TV like this?