Flawed Scripts - Will They Improve in 2019

SAK-RIPT! Yeah, that’s what some of our Lollywood story-writers have been calling for the last three decades. That’s because these scripts just do not make any sense.

Well, three decades back, our industry had script-writers like Luqman, Anwar Kamal Pasha, Khalil Qaiser, Riaz Shahid, Shabab Kiranvi, Hasan Tariq, Ali Sufyan Afaqi et al. So, they did not utter such broken words. But, in certain quarters of our private television, we have graduated certain ‘sak-ript’ type writers too, for our so-called ‘ghareloo drama’. They have the license to write scripts that lack the nitty gritty for plausible drama. May be, out of sheer boredom! Like Zan Mureed, Tawan, Ta’beer etc, jahan aap sar ke baal nochte huay nikal jaein!

While watching one of the key episodes of a popular serial, Aatish, where a supposedly dead lead, Shehryar (Azzfer Rehman) returns home, he starts asking everybody, “Where’s Aasma?” Throughout the episode, and the next episode, he fails to tell the household that he had legally married the girl. Now, this is totally wrong psychological reaction. Once a chap has returned from coma, he starts to act as a new man. He realises that he has got a new chance in life, and now he will be truthful and honest in his life. No more hiding the truth. Yet, Shehryar is totally the same perplexed man, who halts during his delivery. Shagufta Bhatti should look into it. Earlier, I wrote about the kangan lying under the almari, and no masi noted it, till Aasma finds it three days later!

Similarly, in Band Khirkiyan, a totally one-tone serial, the Seema Munaf is unable to get out of a ghummas, which is sinking the serial. If the husband, who doesn’t want to let her wife go anywhere, is suddenly thrown into a pressure situation, like an accident or something, he could interact with people, and learn to over-ride that complex. But, episode after episode it’s the same old boring routine! Band Khirkiyan should be retitled Band Sans! In Tawan, you have a situation, where the old woman can’t come to grips with the young death of her daughter. But, otherwise, she acts very normal in other situations. The household knows she is so abnormal in certain situations, but they continue to discuss every issue in front of her, as she hates the thought of Imaad marrying Xxxxx. How could the writer create such repetitive situations with those same boring arguments over and over again?