Courteney Cox joins Instagram

The actor made her foray into the photo and video-sharing social media platform on last week.

As her first post, Cox shared her picture with Ellen DeGeneres and co-star, Lisa Kudrow, when the duo appeared on the host's show recently.

"Hello Instagram! I'm here with a little help from my friends. Picture credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros," she captioned the photo.

On the show, Cox had told DeGeneres she felt it was time she join the social media platform. To her surprise the host had got the set of Central Perk, the fictitious coffeehouse made famous on the long-running sitcom, recreated.

The host-comic also arranged to get the very orange couch on which the beloved characters Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler used to laze upon.

DeGeneres also got Kudrow on the show, with The Rembrandts crooning the show's hit theme song in the background, which was a 'shock' for Cox.