Don't settle for basic waves.Hair,s guide!

  • 09 Feb - 15 Feb, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Bow & Braid

Gemma Chan went for a bow and braid at the Critic's Choice Awards. A simple messy braid is quickly elevated with a sleek velvet bow!

Ultimate Pull Back

The Insta It Girl loves to pull her hair back and tight off her face (if we had those cheekbones, we would too). Show off your own bone structure with a similar sleek look: Section off the top of your hair to create a high, tight pony and smoote it down with a styling cream or gel. Use a flat iron to add a bit of flip to your ends for a retro touch.

Exaggerated side part

Take some inspiration from Rowan Blanchard’s exaggerated side part. Figure out your best side, take your strands, and divide. Add a bit of texture spray l to spice it up if you have a blunt bob!

Flower Child

Vanessa Hudgens, a modern-day flower child, gave this braid crown a sweet touch with the addition of delicate flowers placed throughout.