Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram to merge


It was recently announced that Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram are going to be merged by the year 2020; the plans are still in the thinking wheel phase.

“The first reason I'm excited is moving more towards end to end encryption by default in our products. People like this in WhatsApp. I think it's the direction we should be going in. I think there's an opportunity... to have encryption work in a consistent way across the things that we're doing,” said Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg,

Zuckerberg also noted that there would be practical benefits to allowing people to send messages between apps. He also said the "tens of millions" Android users who currently use Messenger as their default SMS app would benefit from having encryption enabled as a default.

Twitter enforcing its anti-spam rules

Twitter is flexing its muscles, and some businesses are pissed.

Twitter has suspended three prominent social media companies that enable clients to rapidly follow and unfollow accounts using the Twitter API. This is a popular strategy for increasing followers, but a practice that's largely seen as spammy.

Twitter says that the companies' actions were a violation of Twitter's terms, and it is enforcing the rules in its effort to improve "conversational health" on the platform, and as part of its larger effort to crack down on spam. But representatives from the companies are pissed, saying that they received no warning, and claiming that they have complied with Twitter's communications and requests in the past.

The incident could be a touch point for Twitter disrupting a social media economy of bots and inflated follower counts that it has allowed to flourish through lax enforcement in the past.