Nick Jonas trolled over his offer to play Batman

Guess DC almost found its new Batman but the internet wasn’t having any of it. The news of Ben Affleck stepping down from playing Batman in the superhero film was just making the rounds, when another actor threw in his name as a potential replacement; Nick Jonas! Nick commented on an Instagram post announcing Affleck’s departure from the role, saying “First name Nick. Last name Jonas.” And voila, Twitter exploded! Fans were enraged sending super mean tweets Affleck and Jonas’s way saying stuff like “If @nickjonas is the choice for Batman than I will totally stop watching DCEU. You guys are playing with the casting like. 5 years old kid!” While other Tweet relayed, “Someone out there really thought “Nick Jonas would make a WONDERFUL BATMAN!””Uh-oh, guess the Internet unanimously decide Nick isn’t the right pick for Batman, even before the filmmakers could mull over it.